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Past two decades have witnessed an unprecedented change in how content is consumed and promoted. In the constantly changing landscape of digital advertising, adapting and providing relevant solutions at scale, is challenging. Tyroo was formed as a solution to these problems. With a team of experts and innovators, they set out to create tools that would enable their clients and publishers to achieve their business goals efficiently.

Tyroo Technologies
Sales Cloud and Snapchat integration

Customer Challenges

One of the key customer challenges was the lack of 360-degree view of their customers. The other major challenges revolved around sales management, and Snapchat integration.


Manras offered solutions like implementation of Sales Cloud and Snapchat integration.

Feature Utilisation

Manras implemented Salesforce Standard Features (Sales Cloud, Lead, Opportunity, Account, Contact, Product and Price Book, and Price Book).

Implementation Flow

We developed flow implementation process followed by BRD discussions and Data Model Structure Creation. It was followed by module implementation in Agile with

Lead Management, Integration with Web-to-lead

Account, Contact, Opportunity, Product, Price book, Quote

Snapchat integration was parallelly implemented. UAT was conducted post every sprint. User and Admin Training was provided for effective implementation.

Demonstrate Ecosystem Breadth

We offered innovative thought leadership and unique solutions to solve business challenges. We custom implemented dated exchange rates on Snapchat data objects for converting the data generated from Snapchat into different currencies. We enabled visualization of the complete data in USD during reporting and dashboarding.


Lead assignment and duplication effort was reduced from 20 mins per lead to 0 mins.

Live Reporting and Dashboarding has reduced the Sales review team meeting durations as the higher management is now aware of what the Sales team is doing and review areas of business.

Quote creation time has reduced to 30 mins due to the avaPricebook of different countries at one place.

Customer 360 view with opportunities running, snapchat services consumed, pending and quotations.

Snapchat reporting according to differs parameters.

Manras was able to successfully assign leads and duplicate the efforts from 30 mins per lead to 0 mins. Live reporting and dashboarding also reduced the duration of sales review team meetings, as the higher management can now check the working of the sales team and review potential business areas. The time required for creating a quote also decreased to 10 – 15 mins because of the Pricebook of variable countries at one single place. We also provided a Customer 360 view involving running opportunities, consuming Snapchat services, and pending and quotations and Snapchat reporting as per variable parameters.

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