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EasyPay is a platform that offers financial inclusion services to customers in urban and rural areas with limited access to branches or ATMs. It provides these services through its app, contributing to the Digital India campaign. Easypay's vision is to empower and support retailers in their communities to compete with larger chains by offering them technology and business solutions.

Easy Pay
Service Cloud, CTI Integration
Financial Services

Problem Statement

Easypay needed a solution to its lead management problem. Easypay was also having difficulty managing its service pipeline with a CTI solution. They did not have a central knowledge base to help the team connect with customers and refer them to the right team member for faster resolution of customer issues.

Customer Challenges

  • One of the biggest challenges Easypay faced was that they couldn’t segment leads properly. It took a lot of time for the marketing team to do it manually, and they were eager to find a solution.
  • Easypay needed a way to help them nurture leads—that is, to keep track of who they were following up with and make sure they didn’t lose touch with anyone.
  • The customer could not manage the service pipeline efficiently with an integrated CTI solution approach. They had to switch between several tools during the call management process, making managing their interactions with customers difficult.
  • The other most significant challenge that Easypay faces is that if their customers have an issue, they can’t just refer to an all-knowing source to figure out how to fix it. Instead, they went through back-and-forth with customer service reps before figuring out what’s wrong.

How did we help?

  • Manras implemented the Service Cloud with Knowledge and Integrated CTI (TataTele) Solution for EasyPay. It allowed us to easily integrate the two systems, allowing our clients to seamlessly transfer money between their bank accounts and EasyPay accounts.
  • Now, leads are captured from the Easypay mobile App via our integration. We have a dedicated team of experts who work on the integration regularly and ensure that it is working and updated with the latest changes in the app. We also train their team to understand how our solution works and how to use it effectively.
  • During sprints (0-5), our development team implemented the above modules using Agile methodology (lead management, account and contact information, case information, and integration with CTI).
  • We also performed UAT (User Acceptance Testing) after each sprint to ensure that we had implemented all functionalities correctly. We also provided our client with innovative solutions to the business challenge of administering the Easypay platform. We helped them to implement escalation on different priority levels.

What Results Did Le Mill Achieve?

After Manras implemented this new system, Easypay was able to:

Automate the process of lead assigning and duplicating leads.

Live Reporting and dashboards have helped the higher management become aware of Sales team performance.

Customers who subscribed to the service with additional products are now more likely to stay active,  as the support team can proactively connect with them and help them overcome any hurdles that may cause them to cancel their subscriptions.

The support team is now updated on how to resolve service requests quickly and efficiently.

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