Travel and Hospitality CRM

What is it?

A travel operator needs to meet the different needs of the customers on the go. A travel CRM provides a single platform to meet these needs and streamline the entire operations. These include ticket booking, travel accommodation, daily travel plans, etc.

The travel CRM gives you an overview of the entire pipeline of different activities and the upcoming bookings. This helps you generate the maximum number of bookings.

Manage Bookings, inquiries, vendors, and customers through a single platform!

Ease Enquiring By Using Multiple Channels

Let the customers enquire using multiple channels while you receive everything in a unified box at your end. This, in addition to a live dashboard, helps you get a segregated view of inquiries as well- source wise, priority wise, status wise, etc


Customers send inquiries using the website-forms, pop-ups, live-chats, landing pages. This helps you understand which holiday package is the most demanded amongst the lot on your website. You can also find out which Facebook or Google campaign is bringing the maximum number of inquiries.

Calls & Emails

A large number of inquiries are made through calls or emails. You can use them to get the real-time status of each inquiry.

Billboards & Hoardings

The calls generated from print ads and hoardings can be pulled, and call recordings can be analyzed to know which billboards or hoardings gave the maximum number of inquiries.

Best Salesforce CRM for Travel & Hospitality

Social Media

Whether Facebook comments, Instagram posts, or tweets- all bring some inquiries into the inquiry box. Quickly evaluate each to find out the conversion rate of each running campaign.

Centrally view enquiries of all offices

Give each sub-office access to inquiries meant for them solely, while you get a broader view of inquiries within each sub-office in real-time using a unified dashboard.

Integrate multiple sales ids, phone numbers, and landing pages to CRM and pull all sub-office inquiries in one place. Set targets for each office and get notified when these targets are not met. This will help you know which sub-office generated maximum holiday packages and which all were just an add-on expense for your business.

Best CRM for Travel & Hospitality

Quicker inquiry Management

We discourage chaos by qualifying all incoming leads based on predefined rules like location, themes, packages, or requirements. These leads are then labeled as hot/warm/cold so that first thing is addressed first.

Assign destination-specific inquiries to a destination-specific team only. Auto-assign passport related tasks to the passport team and visa-related tasks to the visa team. Give the sales member access to the inquiries specific to his team only and let your company decide the roles assignment.

Check the real-time status of all your inquiries, e.g., package details sent or pending, itinerary created or not, etc. all through the sales funnel. Customize your sales funnel stages and see how your leads perform through different stages of closure through the sales funnel.

CrM for Travel & Hospitality

Automate Sales Task

Auto-assign inquiries to the specified teams Send instant mobile notifications to team Use pre-set email templates for faster mails Auto-send emails based on the custom-set triggers. Create Custom packages for each inquiry.

Focus on generating more business than addressing emails and booking requests that can be automated. From acknowledgment mails to itineraries to package details to invoices, Manras’ efficient inquiry handling system manages everything with ease. 

Traveler 360 at Your Service

Customer Account

Whenever a new inquiry pops up, a new customer account is auto-created with the primary contact details. The family members can also be added to this account.

Customer Interactions’ History

Every second inquiry gets auto-attached to the customer’s account. So, access customer information- name, contact details, priority levels, previous inquiries, etc. without struggling among multiple screens. 

Best Travel & Hospitality CRM

Acknowledgments & Customized Mails

Viewing the available customer information such as birthdays or anniversaries, a strategic and theme-based holiday package can be planned and sent to the customer just before the event to make the customer feel special and want to avail it.


Customer Documents

Save all the customer-related information within the customer’s account. E.g., passports, ids, etc. 

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