Salesforce Integration Services

Seamless Integration to Empower Your Business.

Ample Salesforce Integration Experience

We have the expertise to assist you in achieving your business objectives while developing a consistent customer experience.

Certified Salesforce Integration Partner

We have a multi-stakeholder team of Salesforce coordinators, certified engineers, and administrators to support your needs as a consulting partner with Salesforce.

Extensive Experience Across Diverse Industry Domains

We have extensive industry experience in manufacturing, retail, technical services, healthcare, banking, and communications, among others.
Top Salesforce Integration Consultant To Provide Consistent Customer Experience
Manras Salesforce consultants dig deep to accomplish several integrations of varying complexity to help businesses understand the benefits of Salesforce.
  • Depending on the purpose of the integrations, we implement the fully functional and accessible integration platform for customers.
  • Our Salesforce integration experts will listen to your expectations before designing, conducting comprehensive testing, and providing the best solution.
What we offer

At Manras, we believe all systems should work together for continuous data flow between departments, a unified user interface, and automated data synchronization. Our Salesforce integration services will meet the specific needs of your business and find the unique solution you need.


ERP Integration

Manras Salesforce ERP Integration services with popular systems like SAP, Oracle Erp Cloud, Netsuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accounting Integration

Share financial information with the sales team, improve customer profiles, manage invoices and transactions, improve predictions and achieve more financial insights with accounting integrations.

Marketing Automation Integration

We help you integrate with marketing systems to rebuild the marketing campaign, reflect on customer touchpoints, and seamless customer experience overall marketing channels.

eCommerce Integration

We help you connect Salesforce to your eCommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce to deliver operational insights, create compelling customer journeys, drive personalized campaigns and create a consistent customer experience.

Database Integration

As Salesforce integration partners, we integrate Salesforce CRM with external databases to better take advantage of your data and extract actionable insights and data intelligence from your data.

Social media Integration

Our experts can aid in social media platforms integrations to personalize the customer journey, increase the social channel performance and keep the company news up-to-date to attract the ideal customers.

CTI Integration

Manras supports Salesforce to connect the Computer-Integration System (CTI) or use the CTI Toolbox to enhance service quality and speed.

Collaboration Systems Integration

Salesforce for custom collaboration systems like SharePoint integration and Office 365 help you avoid pitfalls while providing licenses and giving employees more flexibility when collaborating on projects.

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