Salesforce CPQ

Accelerate your success opportunities with customized quotes

Manras Technologies is a suitable sales-engagement solution to make quoting faster and more accurate with real-time insights. Unlike other CPQ platforms, Manras Technologies offers Salesforce CPQ solutions that are easy and quick to implement. You must plug in your data, configure your business strategies, and begin quoting.


Features of our CPQ Solutions

  • Our salesforce CPQ solutions and top-notch Salesforce CPQ consulting services can accelerate the success rate of your business.
  • Our services can help you configure customized quotes based on your customers’ needs.
  • Our specialist offers top-of-the-class Salesforce CPQ consulting services that will assist you in generating error-free CPQs in whichever format (examples – PDF, Word, Excel, DealRoom, etc.) you may need them to be.
  • We help you in applying discounts and changing quantities without the involvement of any complex calculations. You can easily streamline the approved procedures along with workflow automation.
  • Our solutions allow you to sync your CRM with your data automatically.

So, if you are looking for advanced and fast operating quoting solutions, your search ends here.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ Services

  • Simplify your quoting process.
  • Ensure guided selling and ease of adoption.
  • Gain better control of sales activities and operations.
  • Feel independent from internal IT resources.
How can Manras help you in Salesforce CPQ implementation?

So, if you are planning to implement CPQ in your business; here’s how we can help you –

Better Access

CPQ is a unique flow based on questions to lead the salesforce towards the configuration process to enable optimal fit of products. You can access the multiple sales scenarios and playbooks to meet any level in the sales cycle.


With Salesforce CPQ implementation services, you can automatically upsell, cross-sell and upgrade suggestions to enhance the size of the deal and can also increase the ramp-up time to create new sales reports.

Consistent Efficiency

At Manras Technologies, our CPQ solutions ensure consistent discounting and pricing in the whole organization. We help you in maximizing efficiency by streamlining the sales procedures. Our solutions can automatically trigger approval requests to the concerned managers.

Accurate Customer Data

With the guidance of our specialists, you can seamlessly update new prices, products, and their configuration at the back-end. We help you enrich your CRM platform with more complete sales and accurate customer data.

We offer flexible support for your business pricing and configuration needs. Contact us to deliver a professional quoting experience and to receive accurate proposals in a few minutes with our top-rated CPQ.

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