Salesforce for High-Tech

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Challenges the High-Tech industry was facing before Salesforce CRM

Incompetent Service

It wasn't easy to efficiently manage the projects and people working in different departments before the introduction of Salesforce CRM for High Tech industry.

Safety and Security

Protection of data and safety for cybercrime is one of the major challenges high-tech industries face across the globe.

High Cost

Setting up and running an ERP infrastructure cloud system can be expensive.
How is Salesforce reforming the High Tech industry?

Salesforce Support

It helps deliver projects within deadlines while managing the data and providing 24*7 assistance.

Fast and Affordable

Setting up a Salesforce CRM world-class cloud infrastructure and running it at a fast speed is cost-effective. As a result, it has low monthly and yearly costs.


Securing your data, warding off hackers, and staying ahead of threats imposed on your business and its data is the primary concern. With Salesforce designed for high-tech companies, you can have the most advanced infrastructure and the best-in-class team to address this concern.

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Why choose Manras for the High-Tech industry?

Manras empowers your business by customizing Salesforce solutions to meet your unique need. It helps the robust platform in terms of automation, adaptability, and productivity.

Systematic Project Controlling
Flexibility and Adaptability
Support Desk for maximum efficiency

Systematic Project Controlling

Manras helps you implement a smart time recording element. It records hourly rates approximate-to-complete figures for both customers and projects. In addition, it can record hourly rates, estimate-to-complete figures, and material to external factor costs.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Every company is different and requires software with various features. That’s why Manras helps your business to adapt and use ERP software. You can customize ERP to use private or public cloud and pay only for features you use.

Support Desk for maximum efficiency

 Manras helps you get full control over processes at the same cost. It helps you automatically record processing time and resources. With Manras simplifying Salesforce for you, creating analyses for high-tech departments or individual customers is one click away.

Salesforce Clouds

We have all the Salesforce cloud solutions you need. Explore the right option for your business today!


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Customize the sales cloud to the needs of your sales team so they can close more deals using intelligent insight tools. Get started with sales cloud today to automate processes, connect with other clouds, and integrate with third-party solutions.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Delight and empower your customers with exceptional services through the service cloud. With it, your agents will have access to all the information they need to provide excellent customer service, including cases, operations, knowledge, and field service data.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Manaras gives you unparalleled information to promote customer success incorporate personalization into communities through customization.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can build personalized journeys for your prospects and customers. We can connect and configure powerful cloud tools ‘for you to drive intelligent market automation.

Salesforce Pardot Services

We make your B2B marketing campaigns smarter and more effective. We also help you measure their ROI. All you have to let us do is configure and connect Pardot to your Salesforce system.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Build and nurture life-long relationships with donors and fundraisers in a community with a non-profit cloud. We will configure the cloud for your specific needs to increase your fundraising effectiveness, manage events, and measure success.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

You can track clients' investments, financial assets, securities, bank accounts, insurance policies, assets, liabilities, and financial goals can be tracked using our Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

You can now connect your partners, customers, and employees to drive collaboration and self service in a central experience cloud. Get brilliantly customized front ends that can help you harness the power of data.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud Service was established to support use cases in life sciences. As part of our customer's success, each health client can reach a robust partner ecosystem.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It is not hard to engage or deliver unique shopping experiences. We can build a commerce cloud to meet the unique challenges your B2C or B2B business faces.

Salesforce Einstein

Using artificial intelligence, you can achieve Einstein-level smartness for your business – all you have to do is put data in CRM. We can configure standard Einstein applications to create insightful dashboards and custom smart assistants.

Salesforce Platform

It has never been easier to build apps that meet your employees’ and customers' unique needs. We spend time with you to understand your challenges and deliver a Salesforce platform suited to your needs.

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