Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Increase your team size without increasing your budget

Ample Salesforce Staff Augmentation Experience

We help our customers reach their full potential by listening to their needs and custom-designing Salesforce solutions to meet their needs.

Certified Salesforce Staffing Partner

We have a multi-stakeholder team of Salesforce coordinators, certified engineers, and administrators to support your needs as a consulting partner with Salesforce.

Extensive Experience Across Diverse Industry Domains

We have extensive industry experience in manufacturing, retail, technical services, healthcare, banking, and telecommunications, among others.
Extend Your Team Capacity With Reliable Staff Augmentation Services
Manras will help you improve your performance in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our staff augmentation services allow you to select the perfect candidates and adapt their work to your methods while reducing the legal risks, time, and cost of inefficient hiring.
  • We offer Salesforce staff augmentation services so our business clients can focus on their core business without worrying about finding the right team to carry out the projects.
  • We offer a partnership to help your company bridge gaps, find solutions, and solve problems with Salesforce specialists.
What we offer

At Manras, we listen to our customers’ needs and use our Salesforce experts to solve their problems. Our staff augmentation services enable us to deliver more excellent value at a lower cost, without much hassle.


Salesforce Administration

Our Salesforce administration executives manage data cleansing and filtering and create custom reports to measure business performance accurately.

Salesforce Enhancements

Our Salesforce staff augmentation services provide you with professionals who can improve the performance of your Salesforce system and adapt it to your company's sales needs.

Salesforce Reports & Dashboard Analytics

Our Salesforce experts will help you maximize your Salesforce reporting and dashboard analytics capabilities to increase your company's profitability and effectiveness.

Salesforce Integrations

Being one of the top Salesforce staffing companies, we provide you with the best integration solutions for internal or external third-party software and applications based on the specific needs of your business.

Salesforce Developers

We help you build native and hybrid applications to support your data. Our Salesforce staff augmentation services include developing the required applications using the full power of Salesforce systems.

Salesforce Staffing

We leverage our extensive Salesforce experience to ensure the suitable candidates with the right skills are matched to the client's specific needs.

Salesforce App Development

With an extensive knowledge of platform tools and processes, we offer application development services through AppExchange, a marketplace owned by Salesforce.

Salesforce Implementation

As our clients' businesses evolve, we guide them through each step of the journey to maximize the value of their business by configuring, customizing, and optimizing Salesforce to maximize positive impact in the business.

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