Salesforce Health Cloud

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The Health Cloud is an IT health CRM program supporting doctor-patient relationships and record-keeping services. Salesforce Health Cloud services at Manras Technologies support one-on-one relationship management by keeping a track of the patient’s profile to integrate data from varied sources such as wearables, medical devices, Electronic Medical Records, etc.


Features of Health Cloud solutions

  • Private communities and components of the system create a secure collaboration between the members of the care-provider network. The communities help patients to connect with their care providers, fill out forms before visiting to save time, and answer frequently asked questions.
  • It provides a unified platform to personalize customer engagement.
  • The health cloud services help personalize customer engagement on an intelligent and unified platform to reduce costs and improve results. You can reimagine the care delivery with the help of our cloud-based health assistance.
  • Its omnichannel approach delivers top-notch healthcare services, right from meeting the preferences to requirements of their patients.

Benefits of Health Cloud Implementation

  • We believe the healthcare cloud is more than just a CRM platform. It can easily integrate the cloud technology abilities to create a secure environment that specifically uses healthcare terminology to allow everyone in the journey of the patient – from care providers to payers to patients.
  • Every member of the journey can efficiently and accurately access the insights and data from anywhere and at any time.
How can Manras help you in Health Cloud Implementation?
  • Our team of experts offers the best Salesforce health cloud consulting services to guide our clients.
  • Our team offers a seamless experience throughout your journey, from onboarding and acquisition to retention and engagement.
  • Digital transformation is trending and has become the core of any business strategy. Health cloud services from Manras Technologies provide you with a collaborative platform to create digital connectivity in service and sale activities and operations.
  • We help you transform how stakeholders and patients engage with one another. We provide our users with a more powerful and accurate approach to capturing data about those conversations to promote continuous improvement.
  • The flexible approach to our Salesforce Health Cloud implementation enables us to serve businesses of all sizes, from the beginning stage to the global level operations spanning more than one continent.

So, if you want to be completely prepared to assist your patients with all types of healthcare needs anytime, from anywhere, then our Salesforce health cloud implementation is ready to assist you with any healthcare challenge. Reach us for further discussion.

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