Salesforce Einstein Analytics

An AI-based analytic platform to help you make sound decisions swiftly

You can improve your Salesforce Einstein analytics with the help of Salesforce Einstein Analytics consulting services offered by Manras Technologies. With the help of our intelligent Einstein analytics solutions and case classifications, we provide you with recommendations for the next best actions. Our Einstein Analytics services will help your team gain better results in a limited time.


Features of Einstein Analytics services

  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics lets you have deep knowledge of your customers based on their previous interactions.
  • Develop leads and prioritize stronger relationships with your customers.
  • It comes with smart chatbots to assist your Salesforce and agents in answering the queries raised by your clients.
  • It lets your agents to spend their valuable time on more important matters and focus more on better customer engagement.

Benefits of Einstein Analytics

  • Einstein Analytics assists you in suggesting the best action based on the behavior and trait of your customer.
  • Analyze previous experiences.
  • Einstein Analytics also comes with Chatbots to relieve the sales agent by letting NLP handle the day-to-day queries and answer client inquiries.
  • Rate the experience of your customer.
  • Seek better ideas and recommendations.
  • Encourage smart Pipeline management.
  • Allow better integration with the Salesforce cloud.
  • Einstein analytics allow users to customize their search per their requirements and expectations. They can browse the catalogs of the company in a personalized manner.
  • You can easily identify the key trends by studying the data collected. This enables you to forecast accuracy, track the sales on how they are exactly using the Einstein insights, and can also receive important forecast predictions.
Why choose Manras for Einstein Analytics services?
  • Our Einstein Analytics implementation assists the customers by finding the best product as per their requirements.
  • Our Einstein Analytic specialists can help you find the correct product for your customer by using client data and AI-driven insights.
  • We offer you an Einstein dictionary that can automatically extract information from search results and update the data to existing stored dictionaries.
  • Einstein Account Data to help check all business accounts in one place.
  • Einstein activity check allows the agents to gain better sale opportunities by syncing calendar and email with Salesforce.
  • Einstein Lead generation enables you to convert and close deals based on past experiences.

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