Salesforce Consulting Services

A reliable Salesforce consulting partner to kickstart your business growth.

Ample Salesforce CRM Consulting Experience

We have the expertise to assist you in achieving your business objectives while developing fully compliant with your specifications.

Certified Salesforce CRM Consulting Partner

We have a multi-stakeholder team of Salesforce coordinators, certified engineers, and administrators to support your needs as a consulting partner with Salesforce.

Extensive Experience Across Diverse Industry Domains

We have extensive industry experience in manufacturing, retail, technical services, healthcare, banking, and communications, among others.
Top Salesforce Consulting Company For Rapidly Changing Digital Environment
Manras Salesforce consultants dig deep and roll up their sleeves to ensure the best technology option is chosen to help businesses benefit from Salesforce.
  • As one of the Top Salesforce consulting firms, we are ready to get answers to your most difficult questions to ensure that your desired business objectives are met.
  • We are committed to doing more to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives and increasing the productivity of your business through Salesforce.
What we offer

Manras consistently innovates, evolves, and tests new ideas to bring in a more significant value. Salesforce consultation services are provided by our extensive network of technology and consulting experts provide the following Salesforce consulting services:


Salesforce Consulting

Get help with your digital transformation journey, create a roadmap for new inventions, and increase your chances of success with Salesforce.

Salesforce Customer Service

As among the top Salesforce partner companies, we will assist you with functionality, maintenance, upgrades, and more with a qualified Salesforce support team.

Salesforce Managed Services

Get access to a flexible solution to save and monitor your investment - without the need to hire additional full-time employees.

Salesforce Improvement Consulting

We evaluate the needs of your business and recommend the best way to address them using Salesforce skills.

Salesforce Migration

We assist you in ensuring a smooth transition process and continuous flow of your business.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate Salesforce with your essential tools and systems. We help you create an accurate 360-degree view to optimize your business processes and build an ecosystem for the future.

Salesforce Security And Compliance

We'll assist you in implementing best practices for security and compliance on the Salesforce platform. Develop risk-mitigation strategies to access critical data quickly and securely.

Salesforce Customization

Manras can help you with your Salesforce customization needs, from custom objects and fields to data management techniques and workflow creation.

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