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Grow and flourish from anywhere by implementing the right Sales cloud Salesforce solutions and industry-leading support services. Find the hidden strength of your salesforce and win more opportunities with our Sales cloud Salesforce solutions.

Manras Technologies helps you to sell faster, smarter, and the way you want to, with the power of our efficient Salesforce sales cloud. We assist you in building stronger customer relationships and winning their loyalty by creating multiple client interactions in this fast-growing world of industries. Our Salesforce sales cloud will allow you to manage your sales, salesforce, support team, and important business metrics.


Features of Sales Cloud

  • It lets you arm your salesforce with tools and applications for virtual selling, planning, and sales forecasting – from any location.
  • On-demand training, essential tools, and a global network of CRM experts are what you can leverage with Sales Cloud.
  • Track the possible sales and know exactly the revenue growth to drive better impact with data-based insights.

Benefits of Salesforce sales cloud

  • Increase sales and revenue with ease.
  • Assist your sales team with ease in using the virtual platforms.
  • Close sales faster.
  • Business growth can be easier regardless of your company’s service, size, product, industry, or geographical location.
  • You can raise your sales and revenue by placing all your sales-related activities on one single CRM platform.
How our salesforce cloud services might assist you?

Don’t worry, our expert Salesforce sales cloud consultant and engineers at Manras Technologies are here to help you in letting your business adapt to today’s virtual world.


Automation of workflow process

You can automate and streamline the day-to-day sales tasks such as workflow, email alerts, and activity tracking.

Mobile CRM platform

You can sell on a single app that allows you to manage, update and access your CRM insights.

Revenue Forecast

Power revenue intelligence by calculating growth in real-time and managing its complete lifecycle.

Revenue Growth

Slack and salesforce can together transform work into a single place to manage conversations, apps and data alerts, etc.

So, no matter your business, we always have a solution for you! Salesforce is the ultimate solution and Manras Technologies is the best platform for business growth!!

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