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Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is a Salesforce product used for handling various financial services such as insurance carrier markets, support wealth management, commercial banking, and retail banking. The FSC model was initially designed to assist the wealth management needs of various businesses. But, now the model has been enhanced to handle other important aspects of finance, such as banking & insurance.


Features of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

  • Salesforce financial services cloud comes with a pre-set insight model to help customers like captive insurance agents, financial advisors, and bankers track their clients and prospects.
  • It assist you by putting you in a position to offer top-class and accurate services to your clients. So, you scale up faster with us by providing proper financial assistance and guidance, loan relief, and quick processing of insurance policy claims.
  • Its sharp engagement tools and result-generating insights deliver you personalized financial advice during any hour of the day and from anywhere in the world.
  • You can track clients at the right time with accurate alert reminders as you try to collaborate with them on their financial targets.

Benefits of Financial Services Cloud

Financial services cloud implementation has numerous benefits for your business, ranging from better visibility to increased household opportunity.

  • You get a holistic view of your held-away and managed assets.
  • You can easily keep track of referrals; hence, you can transform your customer base into an active referral program.
  • With Manras Technologies as financial helpers, the financial agents can maximize their time on the go, and all this can happen on a single customized mobile app.
  • Gain customer loyalty by delivering a satisfactory customer experience.
  • Grow and deepen the successes of your business.
  • Maximize every hour by working smarter.
  • Attend the day-to-day compliances with more confidence.
How Manras can help you with the implementation of Financial Services Cloud?
  • We will assist you with visible and constant collaboration across the organization.
  • We help our clients in managing compliance to secure household profiles and their clients.
  • We use Artificial Intelligence and insights to predict and recommend the next best action to meet your financial goals.
  • Our FSC services automate daily tasks so that you spend more time and energy on your clients.

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