About the Client

Mantra Tech has an environment based on developing strong business strategies and understanding new technology. Hailed to be one of the fastest-growing companies across the RFID and Biometric world, Mantra Tech is an innovative market leader. Established in 2006, they aim at developing the biometric system capability.

Mantra Tech collaborates with SI and trade partners that contribute to their success. With unparalleled distribution, the company aims at fostering a trusted environment. They have a huge customer base exporting products across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The growing customer requirements at Mantra Tech are paving the way for various challenges. The complicated security system leads to the birth of innovation in products, and hence, Manras Technologies have been contributing to solving these problems.

Mantra Tech
Sales Cloud

What Are The Challenges That The Client Was Facing?

Despite the hi-tech abilities of Mantra Tech in producing biometric solutions and productions, they were facing numerous challenges. Implementing the right technology played an important role in easing the process.

Some of the common challenges that Mantra Tech was facing to streamline their process include the following:

Onboarding new partners

Management of partner portals

Managing sales and tracking

How Did Manras Technologies Help?

Manras Technologies contributed towards streamlining their entire business process. With the right solutions and strategies, we helped Mantra Tech overcome its challenges.

We implemented a sales cloud in their technology. We introduced various sales features such as contact, account, lead, product, price book, and opportunity. Furthermore, we also implemented multiple solutions in terms of partner onboarding management and partner portal solutions.

The partner portal solutions can get in touch with the right solutions to get over the problems. We have also helped with activity and quote management to ensure a proper sales tracking record.


Feature Utilization

For Mantra Tech, Manras Technologies introduced numerous solutions to determine the growth of the business. Our wide range of features played an essential role in streamlining their process. Some of the common future utilizations to help them overcome challenges include the following:


Salesforce Standard Feature

The standard features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud have been implemented to ensure the easy functioning of the business. We brought in different activities such as partner portals and partner onboarding. Some of the common features of the sales cloud that helped with sales cloud include contact, product, opportunity, quote, price book, and activity.

Implementation Flow

We created an implementation flow with BRD discussion and created a data model structure. In the Agile arena, we implemented various modules, especially for the sales cloud. We implemented the sales cloud department modules across the contact, quote, opportunity, product, and price book. Furthermore, with BRD discussion, we also helped to provide appropriate training on the partner portal and onboarding. After each sprint, we conducted a prominent UAT where we offered training for the User and Admin to manage the business across different platforms.

Demonstrated Ecosystem Breadth

We have introduced a demonstrated breadth ecosystem to help them overcome various business challenges with our unique and innovative solutions. We offer thought leadership to design the business functioning.

What Results Did Mantra Tech Achieve?

The implementation of solutions by Manras Technologies helped Mantra Tech overcome various challenges in their business. They did achieve quite a few successes in the process. Some of the results that they achieved include the following:

Generation of leads and managing the lifecycle

Onboarding customers

Reducing the need for team meeting durations with better management of businesses

Easy onboarding of customers

Using a partner portal for customers

The dashboard allows Mantra Tech to check how their business has been performing

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