Maintain existing as well as new Salesforce Pardot with Manras Technologies

Manras Technologies is a renowned name in the field of Salesforce Pardot services.

We offer Pardot consultation around the world with the help of our team of experienced Business and Solution Architects. We identify your business goals and assist you in achieving them.


Features of Pardot

  • Configure and synchronize data to Salesforce engagement and prospect management.
  • Maintain existing Salesforce Pardot implementation within the given budget while continuously helping with new enhancements.
  • Pardot Salesforce Integration lets you track visitor activity and prospects on your site. This data can help you in creating a planned funnel.
  • Generate tracking URLs to supervise the depth of your content.
  • Create real-time sales reports and alerts on parameters set by you.

Benefits of Pardot Solutions

  • Launch Pardot Salesforce Integration with no interruptions to enhance ROI.
  • Create email campaigns to test new plans to increase conversions.
  • Identify areas for improvement and evaluate the overall growth.
  • Help your sales team in closing deals faster.
How can Manras Technologies Pardot Services benefit your business?

Years of marketing automation experience

We offer you an intuitive and highly advanced Pardot user interface that can assist you with marketing automation and Salesforce functionalities.

Hundreds of customers served

We will assist you with lead management, email campaigns, and marketing ROI reports.

Fifty plus marketing automation tools and resources

Pardot is a great advantage to your businesses, especially if you are already using Salesforce.

Better user experience with responsive web pages and email templates

Our Salesforce Pardot consultant will guide you throughout every activity and procedure. They have good experience in creating sustainable client relationships.

Excellent at effective lead nurturing

We can efficiently connect Pardot with third parties to increase Pardot’s ROI. Pardot integration is much more efficient and time-saving when compared with other competitive products.

So, if you haven’t given it a try to Pardot yet, then it’s the right time to do it, and we can put together the best Pardot plan for your business. Reach us to learn how to accelerate your sales and marketing activities.

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