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Our Comprehensive Solution includes:

Benefits of Manufacturing CRM

Gather Product Inquiries

Whether online or offline, explore all possible campaigns to capture product inquiries. This includes social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Adwords, etc., traditional channels, like newspaper ads, billboards, TV ads, events, partner referrals, etc., wholesale marketplaces on the web – like JustDial, Indiamart, TradeIndia, etc.

Assign inquiries to your agents

Distribute inquiries amongst the agents based on lead’s location, product type (industrial, commercial, automobile parts, etc.), preferences, budgets, etc.

Online CRM for Manufacturing
Manufacturing CRM Online

Notify agents about new leads

Automatically send SMS and email notifications to the agents whenever a new lead is assigned to them, or a new inquiry or RFP comes up. This, in addition to follow-up reminders and smart views, will help them manage their schedules with perfection.

Capture interactions with your prospects

Track all the prospect activities- forms filled, proposals requested or conversations done.  From prospect calls, whether inbound or outbound, to quote requests to emails or SMSs received, everything is captured and recorded.

Best Salesforce Manufacturing CRM
Best SF Manufacturing CRM

Manage the complete buying cycle

A consistent experience to your leads not only helps you close these deals faster but also builds loyalty in the form of referrals. Everything- right from managing initial contact to providing relevant information to tracking prospective buyers and quote requests to subsequent communication, can be handled easily with Manras’s Manufacturing CRM.

Send alluring customer-centric messages

Segment your leads based on budget, order type, preferences, location, etc. and send them relevant messages accordingly. E.g. send dynamic quotations to customers based on budget and location preference.

SF Manufacturing CRM
Manufacturing SF CRM

Automate agent notifications & sales tasks

Notify agents about important activities they need to do, like requesting a proposal or filling a form on your website. Set tasks and sync their calendars for automatic task reminders.

Customize your system

  • Create relevant lead stages: Ex: Inquiry, RFP received, Proposal sent, etc. can be the main stages.
  • Create custom lead fields, activities, and scores. Ex: Type of product manufactured, No. of units produced, etc. Activities like raw materials purchased can be used to automate the following marketing and sales tasks.
Manufacturing CRM by Manras
Top Salesforce CRM for Manufacturing

Mobile app to make your agents’ work easy

Send emails and SMSs, make calls, update meeting notes, etc. right through your mobile and get synced in the web application as well. This helps them immediately figure out new leads assigned to them, upcoming meetings schedule, etc. for their ease.

Track your agents easily

To know if your agents are keeping the appointments and also cross-verify the travel reimbursement claims asked by them, you can track your agents’ geographic locations in real-time, their complete route, and distance traveled throughout the day.

Best Manufacturing Salesforce CRM
Best Manufacturing CRM

Track enterprise performance

Identify the most relevant leads. Get all the projects, localities or regions generating the most amount of interest. Accordingly, run more targeted campaigns to reach buyers on the right platforms. Get custom dashboards to track your agent’s performance based on various factors like revenue generated, project size, etc.


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