Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Boost your Non-Profit Business with the best cloud solutions

Designed by Salesforce, Non-Profit Cloud Services integrates the online work processes of the volunteer management team, fundraising, event management, etc., to provide the ultimate user experience. The Salesforce Non-Profit cloud is a free open source that assists in building a constituent relationship for Non-Profit businesses and organizations. With the cloud, the NPOs can run and fund their campaigns and projects using a single well-connected platform.


Features of the Non-Profit Cloud

  • It gives you access to the pre-built constituent management and fundraising capabilities.
  • Non-Profit Cloud solution model is highly mature, advanced, and industry-standard. It includes capabilities and objects to manage your revenue streams, programs, and inbound grants in one place.

Benefits of hiring our Non-Profit cloud services

  • We will keep your business organized. The cloud can assist Non-Profit org in creating a well-organized workspace for everyone.
  • The cloud has a flexible data architecture that blends community and data to give you a complete view of your donors, volunteers, and constituents.
  • We provide you with the power of a program that is very affordable.
  • We provide you with access to your donation makers and can customize the journey of every donor.
Why choose Manras for Non-Profit Cloud?
  • We, at Manaras Technologies, offer Non-Profit Cloud Solutions.
  • We provide our customers with a range of products which includes Quip, Pardot, and NPSP. We allow our clients to customize their product group (including third-party apps, marketing cloud, communities, etc.) per their customer requirements.
  • Our Non-Profit Success Packs are data architectures driven by the Salesforce platform and have been created by pre-configuration of various needs of Non-Profit organizations supporting households, charity, donations, and more.
  • There are a few price quoting options for NPOs to get started with Salesforce Non-Profit cloud.
  • We can create a virtual environment where you can work in a closely monitored and safe environment with access to important resources and insights.

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