Salesforce for Insurance

Get customer-centric insurance policies and claims experience
Challenges the Insurance industry was facing before Salesforce CRM

The major challenges that any insurance organization faces are

Document Search

Background Check

It wasn't easy to gather data and insights of eligible prospects to verify the background and check new insurance opportunities.


Without Salesforce, it was challenging for insurance companies to renew policies, claims, and payments.

Agent Performance

There was no better way to check agent performance, task assignments, commissions, and referrals.
How Salesforce CRM is modifying the Insurance industry

Salesforce CRM helps insurance agencies and brokers by managing background checks, and renewal collection enhancing customer retention and satisfaction by keeping them updated. Here is how Salesforce CRM is changing the working of Insurance companies:

Improved customer experience

Salesforce for insurance provides chat telephony solutions and pulls data from the third party for smoother claim management.

One platform

Salesforce provides one platform for all your online and offline sources, regardless of the channel. It keeps you updated with the latest changes.

Personalized features

Smart alerts, real-time interaction, and many other personalized features improve client collaboration procedures. Also, you get support from experts to provide the best client services.

How Manras assists insurance companies

Manras empowers your business by customizing Salesforce solutions to meet your unique needs. Here is how customized Salesforce insurance solutions & services will help you

Customer-centric services

Enhances customer services through the front, middle and back offices. It also enhances customer services by speeding up claim delivery, increasing collections, and managing recurring medical bills.

Digital insurance procedure

Manras help you improve digital insurance procedure and operational excellence to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Property and casualty insurance

You can effectively manage portals, policies, claims, and administration procedures with the help of Manras. It helps you support complex group insurance policies.

Automated claim management

Manras helps to acquire automated quotes and uses approval flows to submit them to handle multiple claims. The software sends CTI, SMS, WhatsApp messages for one-on-one claims assistance.

Real-time data

The dashboard keeps track of policy types, all claims, annual client contracts, portfolios, and search clients.

Monitor agent performance

Manras helps you view the performance of agents, territories, closed deals, commissions, and referrals.

Established Documentation

This helps eliminate the risk of errors and makes the tedious task easy by customizing document generators.

Customer Portal

It helps the customer stay updated with KYC status, policy renewal, and maturity. Customers can also track claims and active insurance policies for the whole family.

Payment and Billing

Manras helps you automates the payment process. It sets customers’ reminders never to miss premium installments and helps in the policy renewal process.

Personalized Marketing

Manras simplify Salesforce to plan personalized upsell and cross-sell marketing. It is based on medical conditions, care plans, and previous interactions.

Salesforce Clouds

We have all the Salesforce cloud solutions you need. Explore the right option for your business today!


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Customize the sales cloud to the needs of your sales team so they can close more deals using intelligent insight tools. Get started with sales cloud today to automate processes, connect with other clouds, and integrate with third-party solutions.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Delight and empower your customers with exceptional services through the service cloud. With it, your agents will have access to all the information they need to provide excellent customer service, including cases, operations, knowledge, and field service data.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Manaras gives you unparalleled information to promote customer success incorporate personalization into communities through customization.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can build personalized journeys for your prospects and customers. We can connect and configure powerful cloud tools ‘for you to drive intelligent market automation.

Salesforce Pardot Services

We make your B2B marketing campaigns smarter and more effective. We also help you measure their ROI. All you have to let us do is configure and connect Pardot to your Salesforce system.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Build and nurture life-long relationships with donors and fundraisers in a community with a non-profit cloud. We will configure the cloud for your specific needs to increase your fundraising effectiveness, manage events, and measure success.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

You can track clients' investments, financial assets, securities, bank accounts, insurance policies, assets, liabilities, and financial goals can be tracked using our Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

You can now connect your partners, customers, and employees to drive collaboration and self service in a central experience cloud. Get brilliantly customized front ends that can help you harness the power of data.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud Service was established to support use cases in life sciences. As part of our customer's success, each health client can reach a robust partner ecosystem.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It is not hard to engage or deliver unique shopping experiences. We can build a commerce cloud to meet the unique challenges your B2C or B2B business faces.

Salesforce Einstein

Using artificial intelligence, you can achieve Einstein-level smartness for your business – all you have to do is put data in CRM. We can configure standard Einstein applications to create insightful dashboards and custom smart assistants.

Salesforce Platform

It has never been easier to build apps that meet your employees’ and customers' unique needs. We spend time with you to understand your challenges and deliver a Salesforce platform suited to your needs.

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