About the Client

Launched in 1984 by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd., under the flagship of Nahar Group, Monte Carlo is one of the leading names in the fashion world. The launch of Monte Carlo assisted in the evolution of the branded garment industry in India. Ever since the launch of Monte Carlo, the fashion industry has been undergoing several changes, catering to the ever-increasing demands of the Clothing and Fashion industry.

Monte Carlo
Virtual office integration, Social studio, and Service cloud

What are the challenges customers are facing?

Customer service is extremely crucial for every business and helps to determine success, and though technology is transforming the fashion industry, it is still prone to numerous challenges. The client struggled to provide end-to-end service across eCommerce platforms, and streamline their customer services. Supporting the distributors was yet another challenge.

In today’s era, being active on social platforms and having a social studio is crucial for eCommerce businesses. However, the client significantly suffered across this sector.

How did Manras Technology help?

Manras Technology helped implement different solutions that brought growth and support to Monte Carlo’s business. We helped implement virtual office integration, social studio, and service cloud. This helped ensure end-to-end service from the client’s end to their customers.

Furthermore, Manras Technology also helped with Knowledge Management and Whatsapp Chatbot Integration. This aided Monte Carlo in providing exclusive distributor support.

Feature Utilisation

Manras implemented Salesforce Standard Features such as account management, service cloud, activity management, contact management, knowledge management, case management with Whatsapp, and social studio.

Implementation Flow

To ensure Monte Carlo’s success, we implemented a strong network flow. We involved various methods to ensure proper integration, and contributed to BRD discussion and data model structure creation. Furthermore, we also offered user and admin training along with conducting UAT after each sprint.

Apart from the Salesforce implementation, Manras also implemented modules as per the Agile method, including:

Social studio

Contact Management

Service Cloud

Account Management

Activity Management

Knowledge Management

Case Management using Whatsapp

The implementation of all these services has helped attract customers while reducing the challenges faced by Monte Carlo.

Demonstrated Ecosystem Breadth

We implemented innovative thoughts with leadership to ensure easy solutions to the business challenges. A unique approach was followed for virtual office integration. The social studio and case management with Whatsapp helped determine the success of the business. We used different methods to determine which one brings the most success to businesses.

What were the results obtained?

Reduced the case duplication and assignment effort from 30 minutes each case to that of 0 minutes.

The implementation of Social Studio will help businesses critically understand customer feedback and eventually help to provide a solution accordingly.

The Whatsapp and website integration helps to allow case generation automatically using live chat, emails, and the web.

It helped to create a knowledge article and publish it using Knowledge Management implementation.

The introduction of dashboarding and live reporting helped reduce team meetings while increasing awareness about higher management. This allows the client to review each area of business effectively.

Enables to create contact and account.

Enables to fill customer gaps and provide information about new customers.

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