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Le Mill was founded by two French women raised in Paris and settled in Mumbai. The brand was born from their collective dream for Mumbai—their adopted city—to have a space worthy of its energy, global status, and cosmopolitanism.

Le Mill is a brand that allows Indian fashion to interact with iconic international designers and storied fashion houses. Each brand at Le Mill has been hand-picked by its founders to suit the needs of modern Indian women.

Le Mill
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Problem Statement

Le Mill recently struggled with its sales management, store visit, and customer interaction processes.

Customer Challenges

Le Mill’s sales team has been using Excel sheets to organize their sales numbers. As a result, they have been unable to analyze the data and make decisions based on them to increase sales numbers.

Le Mill has stores located in different cities. However, their website offers customers the option of ordering from either store, who pick up their order at whichever location is more convenient for them. This process has confused customers who do not understand how it works and don’t know where their order will be sent from before placing it.

The main problem is that too many steps are involved in communicating with customers via WhatsApp. It means that it takes too much time for them to respond during busy hours when they may not be able to access their phones immediately due to other obligations.

The company uses Shopify, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, and Odoo as software to manage its business operations. However, it was facing problems with integrating these systems to streamline the flow of data across them.

How did we help?

Le Mill has undertaken a new project to build a web-based application to help businesses manage their online lead generation, marketing, and sales efforts. The solution designed by Manras followed the business requirements and used an agile methodology.

Manras has developed a full-featured CRM system for the fashion industry, including lead management, account, opportunity, product and price-book, activity management, order management modules, and integration with Whatsapp, Odoo​, Shopify, and Instagram.

The development team has implemented the above modules using Agile methodology during Sprint 0-5 (Planning – Initial design – Development – Testing).

After each sprint, the project was tested by UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to ensure that we had implemented all functionalities correctly.

After each sprint, we trained Le Mil on how to use our product so they could provide feedback on what we need to improve or change in the next sprints. We also trained them in administering the Le Mill platform so they could manage their data and access our tools whenever they wanted.

What Results Did Le Mill Achieve?

After implementing this new system, Le Mill has been able to:

  • Add leads and manage their lifecycle.
  • Create accounts and opportunities
  • Create products and price books.
  • Get leads from Facebook, Google ads, and Instagram.
  • Get leads from Shopify customer orders and sales history, Shopify products, and prices.
  • Send WhatsApp messages and read the same on Salesforce.
  • Get customer, product, and order information from Shopify.
  • Live reporting and dashboarding have reduced the time and made higher management aware of what the sales team is doing and can now review areas of the business more efficiently.

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