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The Dynamix Group, a leading real estate developer in India, is known for its high-quality residential and commercial properties in Mumbai and Goa. The Dynamix Group aims to build modern properties where families, professionals, and businesses can thrive.

Dynamix Group is committed to the highest levels of excellence, paying careful attention to every detail while designing its plans. The company works with the best architects and engineers in the country, who constantly challenge themselves to create something better.

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Problem Statement

Dynamix has identified the need to manage its customers, opportunities, property information, payment, and milestones. They aim to harness the data from different sources—such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, 99 Acres, and Magicbricks—to gather information related to inquiries.

Customer Challenges

A company’s ability to respond to customer queries promptly is crucial in today’s world. If you can’t get back to customers quickly, they will find someone who can.

Dynamix could not automate customer follow-up and de-duplication, so they relied on manual processes. It prevented them from being able to focus on more pressing matters, such as making sure that they had enough staff members to meet demand.

They were also dealing with a lack of real-time analytics, which prevents them from knowing what parts of your business need attention.

Their mobile application is still in the early stages of development, making it difficult for them to access information on their phones while in the field. They had to spend time coming back into the office to see what needed to be done next.

Most of their current solutions require employees to perform manual tasks such as follow-ups and managing property information, making it impossible for them to focus on things like data visualization.

How did we help?

Manras Technolgies implemented Sales Cloud for the sales team of Dynamix Group. This solution was designed to streamline the sales process for both existing and prospective clients.

Through Salesforce Sales Cloud we built a comprehensive network for sales-related tasks, including opportunity management, quote management, project and property management, car parking management, broker management, property transaction, and account transaction.

We provided Dynamix with an integrated solution to manage all their sales processes, contacts, and activities. The solution also offers an integrated payment management system, allowing you to keep track of payments made by you or your customers.

Following a comprehensive analysis of existing systems and their compatibility with other systems, we have implemented a solution that includes the integration of email (G-suite), Anarock system, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR (Exotel).

What Results Did Dynamix Achieve?

After implementing this new system, Dynamix has been able to:

Bring efficiency to the closure of leads through timely allocation, tracking, and closure of leads allocated to associates.

Allow tracking of various activities and stages of leads.

Improve the customer experience by giving clients access to all data in one place.

The sales team can see all sales data in one place and understand sales performance. It has also resulted in faster closing of deals.

There is the availability of all data in one place. It has resulted in better reporting capabilities.

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