5 Smart Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

5 Smart Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The effectiveness of email marketing is questioned year on year, yet the channel only seems to be growing stronger. At present, the ROI from email marketing is 4200% (42 USD returns for every 1 USD spent). To generate such high ROI and expand it further, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is necessary. While the services of an experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant like Manras are beneficial, there are some tips and tricks to maximize your email marketing ROI.  

Embed Customer Centricity into Campaigns  

To provide hyper-personalized, authentic customer experiences and create micro-moments, adopt a ceaseless customer focus. Their changing preferences, needs, and expectations must guide marketing strategies, priorities and tactics.  

Segment your audience into targeted groups. Using Einstein analytics, email content that stands out in the inbox and identifies highly engaged subscribers. With this understanding, you can enhance conversions and steer clear off over-sending emails to subscribers.  

Modernize and Augment Your Email Marketing Toolbox  

Leverage A/B testing, Google Analytics, performance reports and other metrics offered by SFMC to track subscriber behavior, keep an eye on bounce rates, understand what works and fine tune campaigns.  

Use email authentication to keep brand reputation intact and to ensure that spammers/ cybercriminals do not imitate you. Warm up your IP address in the initial 2 weeks and keep your sending volumes low to ensure that your reputation is intact with advanced spam filters.  

Full-Funnel Marketing is Indispensable  

Customers expect consistent experiences across channels and functions. This can happen only through full-funnel marketing powered by the coordinated efforts across functions.  

Leverage Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio to gain critical insights on multichannel performance, customer feedback, brand health, and other information. Use these insights to streamline email marketing efforts.  

Further, align your mobile/ SMS marketing efforts with email marketing with the help of Salesforce Mobile Studio for better ROI.  

Craft Relevant, Personalized, Authentic and Dynamic Content  

Personalization improves open rates (82%), click-through rates (75%) and customer satisfaction (58%). So, you must craft relevant, personalized, authentic and dynamic content for your subscribers.  

Design custom templates with SFMC Email Studio. Set up custom merge tags for any sets of data from your database and combine multiple merge tags to craft personalized content at scale. Create dynamic content blocks by setting parameters and rules to hide, display and adjust content suited to different subscribers. Use personalized and engaging subject lines. Ensure that your emails are informed by insights from Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio for greater relevance and personalization.   

Leverage the Power of AI 

By leveraging intelligent automation powered by Salesforce Email Studio, you can personalize messages at scale. Schedule messages with insights from Einstein STO in the SFMC Journey Builder. Build customized templates for quicker drafting and dynamic content.  

By leveraging SFMC Einstein, you can craft engaging content while also automating messages for the lifecycle series (birthdays, anniversaries, re-engagement, etc.). Overall, you can elevate efficiency, productivity, and ROI.  

To make the most of email marketing, get in touch with a seasoned Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant like Manras today.  

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