How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studio Fuels Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studio Fuels Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns

Are you considering getting on board Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but are still unsure about how it would benefit your B2B and B2C Marketing Campaigns? Read further to drive away all your confusion.

Situation Before The Introduction Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Before the launch of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2012, online advertising was not as easy as it seems. There was no easy way out for securing information about clients and fans from social media platforms. The system lacked the presence of omnichannel communications between clients and companies. The platform was not compliant enough to handle the vast volumes of data generated. Businesses muddled over the numerous channels to determine their ROI. 

Launch of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The marketing Cloud of Salesforce resolved all the challenges mentioned above. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has proved to be amongst the industry pilots in the domain of the marketing cloud. It captures an impressive 24% of the market share of the marketing cloud and is considered a typical component of the world’s best performing tools for any industry.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a leading omnichannel marketing platform for creating and running successful marketing campaigns as well as forming and maintaining one-to-one customer relationships at scale. Drilling down into it, Salesforce Marketing Cloud consists of amazing sophisticated components both for B2B and B2C that makes it stand at the forefront of innovation. Let us discuss them one by one:

Journey Builder

(Create 1-to- 1 Customer Journeys At scale)

According to Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report, about 73% of high-performing marketers believe that journeys positively impact and increase customer engagement. So, by building journeys with the help of Journey Builder, you can identify customer touchpoints and interactions. And using event-driven triggers, you can deliver the right message to the customers at the right time. Thus, you end up developing personalized customer relationships on a large scale, at every stage of the life cycle.

Benefits of Journey Builder:

  • Better Understand Customers: Use customer data for customer cues to know who they are and what they expect. Then, build journeys that best fit these behaviors, tailoring them based on their interaction with your content.
  • Connect marketing channels for a flawless experience: Interact across every part of the company so that even the sales and service teams push the same message as marketers across your website, social media, mobile, apps, etc. 
  • Personalize Customer Content: Use templates to interact with customers based on their behavior. For example, using welcome emails for new subscribers.
  • One-to-one Customer Interaction: Use Salesforce’s Einstein AI and machine learning software, and test your messages on different channels to optimize customer journeys. For example, if a customer does not seem happy with the purchase of a product, you can immediately open a case and add it to their journey.
  • Build Better Experiences: Measure the performance across channels and customer life cycles using the Journey Builder Analytics to adapt the approach for providing a better customer experience.
  • Ensure Sales And Marketing Alignment: Using the data points from Marketing Cloud, you can directly create leads, transform leads into opportunities, or schedule follow-up tasks for your sales team.

Email Studio

(Deliver The Right Message At The Right Time)

Despite the advent of social media for marketing purposes, emails still govern the marketing effectiveness strategy, returning $38 for every $1 spent.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio helps marketers create smarter email campaigns by using data from all the departments. Customers can be reached on any device and at any time with personalized interactions. Using this Email Studio feature, office furniture company, Herman Miller converted data into information and sent timely emails. Thus, resulting in 100% email conversions and 200% revenue generation through emails.

Benefits of Email Studio:

  • Create Targeted campaigns: Targeted and segmented campaigns are believed to contribute about 58% of the revenue. Email Studio helps to organize emails according to customer characteristics and behaviors for personalized campaigns. This is particularly useful for sending thousands of emails at a time. 
  • Customized emails: Create dynamic emails using the available email templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the customer at every stage of the journey.
  • Improve Performance: Easily optimize emails using the A/B testing and previews for improved performance.
  • No coding for email creation: Use drag and drop content blocks and segmentation tools for simply creating emails without any technical know-how.
  • Increase email Conversions: Use Salesforce’s Einstein Engagement Scoring to predict which customer segments will most likely engage with your content.

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)/ Audience Studio

(Create Your Audience)

According to Salesforce, about 90% of advertisers plan to adopt a data management platform by 2020. This is because only accurate data can create positive brand relationships and drive the content that buyers want to see. Salesforce DMP captures and activates data from anywhere on a unified platform to create detailed customer profiles and hence, deepen customer engagement. ConAgra claims to increase its brand recognition by 200% just by introducing DMP since 2016.

Benefits of Salesforce DMP

  • Build complete data profiles: Collect your data in one place, understand customer touchpoints, and use AI and machine learning to deliver personalized campaigns to reach the right customer at the right time. 
  • Discover New Audiences: Get access to trusted and transparent shared data from the world’s renowned marketers to identify new audiences.
  • Get New Insights: Get richer customer engagement by using data analysis on data sets to uncover new insights.
  • Manage consent: configure the data setting to manage consent and adhere to consumer rights management regulations.

Mobile Studio

(Reach Customers On The Go)

Mobile Studio helps you personalize mobile interactions, including SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messaging. About 2.9 billion people own a smartphone today, and 89% of these are likely to recommend a brand after  a positive experience. Mobile Studio lets you take advantage of this smartphone obsession amongst people with its three elements:

Mobile Connect: It contains pre-built templates and 80 international codes to create and automate mobile messages to engage with customers via SMS- audio, video, or picture-filled MMS. For example, you can send discounts to a customer’s device to entice them to click through your offer.

Mobile Push: It helps to target users to increase their mobile app engagement by sending offers based on their geo-location. It also helps you use cross-platform data for sending alerts and reminders in real-time, and automatically add messages to the Journey Builder based on their behaviors and interactions. This leads to future improvement in campaigns and better engagement of customers.

Group Connect: This helps you make use of the 1B+ active monthly chat app users to engage in personalized conversations, capture data, and target users with rich content using links and stickers. Customers can quickly select automated replies for continuous conversation flow.

Benefits of Mobile Studio:

  • Automate mobile marketing: Send automated trigger messages and alerts based on customer behavior or predetermined events to increase customer engagement.
  • Steer App Engrossment: Send messages to users in the target area to make them interact with your brand.
  • Quickly send messages: Build captivating campaigns in minutes using the custom templates.
  • Capture useful data: Collect customer preferences and behaviors from group messages and use drag-and-drop tools to segment customers based on location, preferences, and demographics.

Data Studio

(Securely Exchange Information Directly Between Data Owners and Purchasers)

Data Studio is a secure marketplace for sharing data on a platform. It connects publishers and marketers to acquire and provide data to get more insights about their audience and also increase revenue in case of provisioning data. 

As a seller, you decide who and what to share. Using Salesforce, you get access to the world’s largest enterprise marketers to monetize your data. You can choose to make it public or private-peer to peer sharing on a trusted basis. It gives you access to the tools that ensure that you keep track of the consumer rights regulations. 

As a buyer, you get a secure, trusted, and transparent platform to perform transactions. You can search the platform for the kind of customer preferences you are in search of, and it will generate the relevant information.

Salesforce’s DMP lets you pull data from the same premium resources. So, you don’t require Data Studio in such scenarios. But if you have data that will be useful to other brands, leverage Data Studio.

Benefits of Data Studio:

  • Take Full Control of your Shared Data: Maintain your Data strategy and comply with consumer rights regulations using Data Studio’s fantastic tools.
  • Get Rich Insights: Use the platform that provides the opportunity to create partnerships with the world’s best data providers to build more personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Monetize Your Data: Get revenue for providing data to the demand partners publicly or privately.

Interaction Studio

(Drive Valuable Cross-channel Consumer Engagement At Every Stage of the LifeCycle)

Interaction Studio is a real-time engagement platform of Marketing Cloud that envisions, tracks, and manages customer experiences at the right time in only the manner that the audience prefers. Studies show that people are willing to share data to get relevant information in return. So, data can be gathered from all the digital channels and offline touchpoints to understand how the customer engages with your brand. These can be turned into rich visualization to view how customers are behaving in each stage of the life cycle. This helps to visualize how the customer can move successfully through all stages and re-engage the lost customers.

Benefits of Interaction Studio:

  • Gather cross-channel Customer Insights: Engage and re-engage customers based on their activity by analyzing the path taken by them on any channel or device.
  • Create relevant and valuable experiences: Deliver relevant content and tailor campaigns by prioritizing which messages are seen using frequency capping and rule creation.
  • Easily communicate across different teams: Marketing, sales, and service teams can communicate in real-time for a unified experience.

Wrap Up

According to Salesforce, the companies that have deployed Marketing Cloud have experienced a 43% increase in marketing campaign ROI, a 44% increase in lead volume, and 46% faster campaign deployment. The comprehensive set of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios, when used together, become unbeatable. But every business’ marketing differs from others. So, not every studio might fit into your business needs. That is why this blog highlights each studio individually. So, examine what you need in your business’s marketing, and use the information in this blog to choose the marketing cloud studios wisely.

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