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Handle every imaginable marketing relationship and campaign with customers using Manras’ Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform for delivering digital marketing automation and analytics software and services.

With it, customer journey management, one to one content personalization, predictive intelligence, real-time and comprehensive tracking and reporting, CRM and cross-channel integration becomes clear, effortless and accessible.


Increase in the number of leads
Increase in lead conversion
Increase in Marketing ROI
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How Marketing Cloud makes you the exemplar of a robust marketing superhero?

The embedded features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud cover all the marketing requirements needed to transform your company into a leading digital marketing platform. Read on to learn how various salesforce marketing cloud studios can take your business to the next level.

Data Studio

Salesforce’s data-sharing solution featuring the world’s most significant premium data ecosystem that develops a secure environment for direct information exchange between data owners and purchasers.

Interaction Studio

Envisage, track and manage real-time customer events for driving valuable and beneficial consumer engagement at the right time in only the manner your audience prefers.

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)

A hub of marketing data and a unified platform that stores data from all customer touchpoints to get insights into the audience.

Mobile Studio

Personalize with different customer segments by customizing all your mobile communications, including SMS, push notifications, transactional notifications, time-sensitive messages like password resets or order updates and group messaging

Email Studio

Extensive functionality for sorting and sending emails to the clients considering the available client information for effectively communicating with them

Contact Builder

Get a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences by integrating data from multiple sources.

Leverage the benefits of this incredible platform

Maximize your revenue by prioritizing your customers while building your brand with the following advantages:

Be customer-oriented

Gather a single comprehensive perspective about a customer for managing one-to-one journeys with them.

Correlate every interaction

Include all the touchpoints and experiences with your brand across promotion, demonstration, trade, deals and applications..

Perform Effortlessly

Use pre-designed templates and formats, up-to-date messaging steams and flexible applications to effectively execute tasks

Market More Smartly

Find new prospects, distinguish the leads and manage proposals effectively - all parallelly

Supervise B2C or B2B

Use just one stage to influence the two organizations and purchasers in similar ways.

Track Consumer Touchpoints

Use advanced features to painlessly track all the activities of the customer, including mobile, social media, email and the web.

Entire Range of Service Offerings Covering All Your Marketing Duties

We are certified Salesforce marketing cloud consultant, also we offer all the Salesforce marketing cloud services under one roof. Know more about salesforce marketing cloud features & pricing and get an idea of the most suitable for your business. Get the best marketing cloud support from us.  

Email Marketing Campaign

We cover all the features for your organization right from essential email marketing to predictive decision making. You can easily automate crucial messages for the customers and also segment customers using email analytics, responsive email designs, customizable email templates, drag and drop editor and pre-defined event triggers, etc. Additionally, benefit from this platform by real-time tracking and graphical reporting.

Social Media Marketing

Build an active social media presence with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio. Develop corporate profiles for creating engaging content for your customers, promoting and tracking social media marketing campaigns and also personalizing with the customers after analyzing their discussions about your brand and its products. Monitor customer sentiment and customer interests to evaluate products and service offerings.

Advertising Campaigns

Meet varying advertising campaign requirements by integrating personalized advertising into your marketing strategy. Using the customer data stored in Salesforce, you can reach customers on any device with the help of relevant content advertisements in Google Search and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Studio can be used to send real-time alerts in the form of messages and push notifications personalized for every different customer segment. Its ready-to-use SMS and MMS templates along with drag and drop interface helps to deliver mobile messages as per your customer requirements.

Predictive Acumen

Customer preferences are known to significantly impact lead conversions for your business. That’s why it is essential to pay attention to every customer’s actions. The browsed web pages, search terms entered, number of clicks on a particular web page, purchased especially frequently purchased items, etc. Can provide intelligent and valuable insights to understand each customer’s preference. Thus, you can start a unique one-to-one journey with them and provide them with the best possible deals. All-in-all enhancing your sales prospects

Cross-Channel Content

The Customer Data Platform provides up-to-date and advanced tools for robust automated decisions. You can use real-time analytics and actionable insights to find out the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and even accumulate data about every possible customer interaction and behavior. Thus, you are assured of a consistent consumer experience by a single Salesforce app customization for all cross-channel content.


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