Top Features, Benefits and Latest Updates of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Features, Benefits and Latest Updates of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Salesforce, world’s #1 CRM platform, offers a wide range of products and services ranging from the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and so much more to empower businesses to reimagine their processes and elevate their business results. In this article, we will look closely at the Sales and Service Clouds.

Top Features and Benefits of The Salesforce Sales Cloud

Top Features:

Customer 360 is a feature that enables businesses to have a unified view of the customers across the organization. Businesses can see all customer-related information like deals ongoing/ closed, payments, orders, cases raised and so on in one place.  

Account and Contact Management features equip the sales executives with crucial insights about the client from previous conversations and discussions across multiple channels and key insights from social media platforms.  

Lead Management empowers smarter decision-making, better tracking of leads and optimization of the campaign at every stage across channels.  

Sales Path enables sales managers to effectively define and manage the sales process while actively engaging their teams.  

Campaigns feature enables effective management of outbound marketing campaigns and analysis of impact/ ROI of such campaigns.   

Opportunity Management enables effective management and faster closing of deals by helping streamline the sales processes. It equips sales executives with real-time updates and insights. Its quoting capabilities allow effective tracking of product codes, standard and quoted prices, etc. and creation of up-to-the-minute quotes. Salesforce supports auto-quote generation in PDF Format from the system. Approvals process on quotes can be configured according to the business rules. 

Product Management feature enables businesses to seamlessly manage their product master.  

Pricebook feature helps businesses in defining different prices for different markets or based on the availability of product in those markets. 

Process Builders facilitate automation of the workflow for improved supervision of sales executives, as well as, the automation of repetitive, manual tasks of sales executives to enable faster and easier execution of such tasks.  

Tasks and Event Management facilitates the executives to manage their day-to-day activities seamlessly.  

Reports and Dashboard provide sales managers with a cohesive understanding of the team’s performance and key sales figures, thereby, enabling them to make informed sales decisions and design robust sales strategies.  

Sales Cloud Einstein enables advanced analysis of historical pipeline data, trends and opportunities. It equips sales executives with key information and insights for faster and effective decision making and better lead conversion.    


  • Boosts sales productivity by enabling more deals to be closed faster.
  • Facilitates the crafting of customer-centric, seamless experiences.
  • Enhances sales revenues immensely by empowering sales executives and managers with a 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Enables quicker decision making by providing the right insights at the right time.
  • Improves the opportunity win rate.
  • Helps in the breaking of departmental and organizational silos.
  • Offers high customizability, integration capabilities and an intuitively comprehensible UI.
  • Top Features and Benefits of The Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Features and Benefits of The Salesforce Service Cloud  

Top Features:  

Lighting Console equips agents with a unified view of the customer for faster and effective service and resolution of issues.  

Live Agenta real-time online chat functionality, enables agents to successfully manage multiple support conversations with customers at once. It supports multiple languages and enables conversations to be quickly routed to subject matter experts.  

Live Message helps build simple, cost-effective and personalized conversations with customers through mobile messaging.  

Case Management enables consistent, accurate and high-quality support every time across the entire case management lifecycle.  

Einstein Bots handle repetitive and trivial queries and service requests (which form a bulk of all tickets) and free up agents’ time.  

Self-Service Communities provides customers with access to the company’s knowledge base to find solutions themselves anywhere, anytime.  

App Builder empowers businesses to build their own, tailored customer-service apps with business-specific functionalities.  

Field Service Lightning helps field workers to resolve customer issues seamlessly and quickly by accessing account information on their smartphones. For the service managers, this feature facilitates real-time monitoring of field service agents and effective planning of work.   

Omni-channel Routing enables work items to be automatically routed to the right agent equipped with the right skill set and certifications to resolve the problem.  

Service Analytics empowers managers with key insights about the team’s performance and overall efficiency of case resolution to build strategies and streamline work.  


  • Round-the-clock service that is cost-effective, efficient and accurate.
  • Faster case resolution
  • Support across multiple channels
  • Seamless, unified and highly personalized service experience for customers.
  • Improved agent productivity and efficiency.
  • Latest Updates in Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

 Latest Updates in Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds  

Salesforce, being committed to continuously improve client and end-user experiences, relentlessly works towards innovating and transforming their functionalities. To this end, the platform releases hundreds of new and innovative features, functionalities and enhancements 3 times every year through their Spring, Summer and Winter releases.  

Summer ‘20 Release 

Salesforce Sales Cloud:  

  • Kanban View Enhancements enables sales executives to update the opportunity fields in a hassle-free manner in the Kanban view while benefiting from similar tips and expertise as paths. It enables guidance to be provided on further advancement of the opportunity and celebration of milestones. 
  • High Velocity Sales – Einstein Call Coaching equips sales managers with conversational intelligence and visibility into pricing discussions, competitor mentions, keywords, products, etc. Using these insights from their team’s interactions with customers, managers can effectively coach their teams and refine strategies for better outcomes.  
  • Partner Relationship Management – Account Hierarchy Enhancements enables businesses to connect and view multiple tiers of external data of partners in their account hierarchy to enhance collaborative working.  
  • High Velocity Sales – My Feed Alerts empowers sales executives to elevate the effectiveness of the outreach with real-time insights about prospect/ customer engagement.  

Salesforce Service Cloud:  

  • Service Cloud Voicea brand-new offering, enables seamless native integration of intelligent telephony within Salesforce alongside the digital channels. The resulting omni-channel module provides real-time call transcription, ensure connected workflows and maximizes efficiency, customer satisfaction and agent experience.    
  • Einstein Reply Recommendations equips chat agents with AI-powered recommendations based on the context to swiftly respond to customer queries.   
  • Field Service Lightning – Deep Link Actions allows businesses to add deep links to specific actions and flows, thereby, minimizing the number of taps required and time taken to perform those actions/ launch flows.  

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