How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Company for Your Business?

Salesforce Consulting Company

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Company for Your Business?

Salesforce, world’s #1 CRM, empowers businesses across domains to build and nurture customer-centricity, from marketing to sales, support and business analytics. It equips businesses with a multitude of power-packed features and components to unify information from multiple disparate sources and channels. It aids businesses to effectively break silos and foster collaboration and teamwork across the organization. It, overall, empowers businesses to immensely boost their business outcomes and forge ahead of competitors.  

To effectively leverage the endless opportunities provided by Salesforce and to get maximum value from the investments made, technical expertise combined with an understanding of the business is indispensable. This is where Salesforce Consulting Companies come in. The expert Consulting Companies like Manras invest time and effort to understand the nuances in the requirements and tailor solutions to unleash the power of Salesforce for the business.  

There are several companies on the market and the numbers are ever-increasing, making it a potential minefield to filter out the bad and choose the best. Considering the costs involved, choosing the wrong Salesforce partner has detrimental impacts. Here is a guide to help you zero in on a Salesforce Consulting Company that can unbolt the door of endless and unmatched Salesforce opportunities.  

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Company 

Define vision and success
It is best to start the process by laying down clearly what your vision is and what success looks like to you. Define goals and objectives, list your needs, identify teams and business functions that will be disrupted by the changes to follow, your long-term vision and the desired outcome. This will make the assessment and selection process effective.

These do not have to be set in stone, and they may vary over the course of engagement with the partner. Expert consultants often enable businesses to narrow down goals and develop greater clarity about requirements.

Be an Informed Buyer
It goes without saying that you must not choose the first company that you interact with or the first company that responds to your RFP. To truly unlock the limitless possibilities and amazing capabilities of the platform, you must make an informed decision after thoroughly researching about and understanding what the consulting company brings to the table. Make it a point to shortlist at least 2-3 Salesforce partners based on their proposal, reviews from AppExchange and portals, demo videos and so on. But do not base your final decision only based on these alone. Using these as the basis, engage with the shortlisted companies and base your final decision on the following considerations.

Evaluate their Partnership level and Certifications
The Salesforce Partnership level is a big indicator of the level of expertise of the Salesforce Consulting Company. It is accorded on the basis of technical certifications, customer success rates, innovation and engagement. Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners like Manras have multitudes of certifications and immense technical expertise in crafting and executing projects customized to every client’s specifications and needs.

Assess the Project and Industry Experience of Potential Consultants
The project and industry experience of the Consulting agency is critical. Assess their project expertise by asking about successful projects implemented, strategies used, number of licenses, types of clouds used, etc. You can ask for documentation, case studies and client references for similar problems solved. Focus equally on the strategy, vision and implementation, not just the latter. Ask them about their Project Management Methodology and ask for demos early so that you can effectively understand how the system works and how to pave your path to success.

A company that has vast and rich experience across different industries and specifically, your industry is extremely advantageous. Such a partner will have a nuanced understanding of your critical pain points, business models and strategies and will be able to provide well-researched, well-educated and effective solutions to solve your Salesforce challenges. Manras, for instance, has vast industry experience catering to clients ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  

The most important thing is to choose a partner who is not just a systems integrator or an order-taker, but an expert and a strategic business partner.  

Evaluate Professional Expertise
Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner with a team of experienced and skilled experts. Ensure that the partner has a sizeable team with different roles that will be required. This will greatly impact the delivery, quality and success of your project. At Manras, we have a team of 60+ experts with ample experience in delivering quality, on-time services across industries.

Pro-Tip: It is important to find out upfront from the potential partner if and how many roles need to be filled internally. It is crucial to be clear on this front from the very beginning.  

Assess the Support Provided
Salesforce platform is continuously evolving and transforming and staying updated plays a crucial role in business success. Choose a partner who provides round-the-clock support and crafts seamless experiences.

If the lower price tag is coming at the cost of customization, long-term support and successful adoption after implementation, it will not yield the best results. Remember that customization, quality and on-going support can make or break your project.  

Make sure there are no hidden costs. Also, account for costs of data migration, if you have legacy data that needs to be brought into Salesforce.  

Assess the Support Provided
Salesforce platform is continuously evolving and transforming and staying updated plays a crucial role in business success. Choose a partner who provides round-the-clock support and crafts seamless experiences.

Pro-tip: It is best to start the engagement early. Designing and implementing a Salesforce project involves project planning, change management and so much more. It is a time-consuming process, even when the consultant has an agile approach and effective methodologies.  

Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner who will be an extension of your team and empower you to unleash your Salesforce potential and maximize value for your business.  

If you are on the look out for a partner to help unbolt Salesforce for you, the experts at Manras are eager to assist you.  

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