How to Digitally Transform Your Business?

Digitally Transform Your Business

How to Digitally Transform Your Business?

Looking forward to digitally transform your business? Before you take the leap of faith, understand that digital transformation does not revolve around apps and system upgradation. Rather, it feels like a paradigm shift, a 360-degree change. So, if you are ready for this cultural shift, let’s delve deeper and get into the intricacies of bringing about a digital transformation at your business enterprise. 

Digital transformation tactics for small businesses 

Start with the identification of problems, gaps, and difficulty zones.  

A simple moving of data to the cloud can be a great start. This will make it accessible to everyone. Also, digitalization of business becomes relatively easy with the collaboration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) as it is purely marketing automation. 

Digital Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services: 

SFMC is a marketing platform that has both the power and ability to keep up with various facets of marketing, especially digital marketing. 

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services:  

·        They support you to build journeys that include email and messaging. 

·        Their services allow to deliver messages to each contact based on the individual’s present data and then trigger the new messages based on real-time customer data. 

·        SFMC can create dynamic components with personal experiences for email recipients. 

·        Their services also include a rich variety of data about the communications it executes. 

Tips and tricks that lead to the digital transition of your business: 

  • External help to map digital transformation strategy 

A team of experienced consultants, partners, 0r tech vendors can help you bring in meaningful transformations. With their enriching knowledge and expertise, top Salesforce consulting firms can guide SMBs throughout the transition.  

  • Bridging up the gap between data, employees and customers 

Do not forget to keep things centralized as you plan for digital transition. Unifying all your data and bringing together employees and customers will make the process more fruitful, interesting, and convenient. Bridging the gap between these prevents you from starting over from the very beginning.  

  • Be mindful of the common mistakes in your digital transition framework. 

Be wary of errors like investing in a handful of technologies that are not compatible together and hence cannot integrate and function. Thus, SMBs need to stay focused on technologies that are actually capable of integrating seamlessly with each other. 

 For instance, Pardot integration with Salesforce works wonders for SMBs by syncing information bi-directionally. Whenever someone is updating a record in CRM, that automatically goes into the marketing automation system. This helps to keep sales and marketing on the same page. 

Digital transformation is an all-encompassing process, and you cannot afford to leave out any of the element of your business. Keep in mind digital transformation is actually business transformation. If you wish to gain deeper insights into the world of Salesforce, then Manras can come to the rescue. An impeccable gold consulting partner with years of expertise in Salesforce, there is no better option for you other than Manras.  

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