Put Employees First With An All-In-One Platform

Put Employees First With An All-In-One Platform

Put Employees First With An All-In-One Platform

Employee experience drives business outcomes and customer experiences. Companies that are dedicated towards driving great employee experiences see 1.8X higher growth than those that do not. With Work.com, a digital Employee Experience management platform from Salesforce, crafting authentic and seamless experiences is simple and hassle-free, no matter where the employees are. Whether you are working remotely or reopening your offices, this all-in-one platform from Salesforce will benefit you immensely in putting your employees first. Let us understand how.  

Boost employee productivity and efficiency with an integrated workspace 

With this cohesive platform, you can equip employees with an integrated workspace where collaboration is easy.  You can centralize knowledge by collating all scattered business data from multiple sources in one unified platform.  

Employees can avoid time-consuming manual search for data, eliminate inaccuracies, and cut through the clutter.  They can make smarter and faster decisions based on critical, real-time insights. By rooting out busywork and other manual, low-value tasks, you can empower employees to focus on innovation, core business processes, and greater value creation.  

Further, you can build mobile-first apps on the Salesforce platform to equip employees with insights on the go and boost their productivity. Experienced Salesforce Integration Service providers will enable you to effortlessly build an integrated workspace.  

Automate workflows with intelligence  

Tools such as Einstein Automate enable organizations to reimagine their business processes through workflow automation. You can build dynamic, integrated workflows for each of your departments. By automating a repetitive and manual task, you can free up employee bandwidth and boost their productivity.  

Through intelligent automation, you can further accelerate and personalize all employee processes from onboarding and learning to talent management and payroll. Enlist the support of seasoned Salesforce Consultants to build customized workflows that increase the speed of work.   

Provide intuitive self-service and support to employees  

With Work.com, you can extend personalized services to all employees. With the powerful set of tools from Salesforce, you can keep them happy, engaged, and satisfied, regardless of who they are, where they are, and how they are working.  

You can build an intuitive, mobile-friendly self-service/ support desk for employees to get timely support. You can automate support workflows and offer timely IT service. You can simplify HR processes, eliminating time and resource wastage on HR service requests.  

Prioritize employee health and well-being  

With tools such as Workplace Command Center, Shift Management, and Emergency Response Management, among others, you can prioritize and track employee health. You can equip them with employee well-being resources to build resiliency, manage stress and maintain work-life balance.  

Hassle-free upskilling of all employees  

Empower your employees to lean into learning and equip themselves for the future of work. Deliver relevant content and out-of-the-box training to employees on my Trailhead platform to enable career growth and holistic employee development.  

Drive customer centricity by ushering employee centricity in your organization with Salesforce. Not sure how and where to get started? Get in touch with a Salesforce Implementation Service Provider like Manras today.  

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