Four Ways Salesforce Customers are Adapting, Surviving, and Thriving in the COVID-19 Era

Four Ways Salesforce Customers are Adapting, Surviving, and Thriving in the COVID-19 Era

Let’s accept the fact that covid-19 is here to stay, and many industries and organizations, regardless of their size, industries are suffering while other industries have adapted themselves based on the current situation. However, one thing was obvious: salesforce customers or users will have a distinct advantage from the start. All the customer data is already there in the cloud, and employees can access it from anywhere.

Below we have listed four strategies that top Salesforce consulting companies have introduced to deal with the current covid-19 crisis.

A Better User Experience

Today customers want their needs to be treated uniquely. Knowing their personal preferences and purchase history helps a lot in this area. More than 50% of the customers tend to purchase items from a company that understands their purchase history and recommends products based on their search history. The best part is that customers are happy to share their data with the company. During the beginning of the pandemic, many companies started investing more in Salesforce. This led to further expansion of their business and revenue.

Customers are open to technological change and advancements

When it comes to introducing new technologies, most employees resist the change. With most companies shifting to work from a home model, the introduction of new technology to improve the entire workflow has become even more popular. Companies are now focusing on building a smart and safe business model powered by Salesforce. Even before the pandemic, many organizations had already started implementing various cloud solutions, for instance, Salesforce to help employees connect better. Salesforce customers have now understood the importance of technological advancement and are adapting to new ways to collaborate.

Active use of artificial intelligence to prioritize human relationships

Since most of us are working from home and there are very few social events, we seek ways to stay connected to each other through various digital channels. With proper usage of artificial intelligence (AI), organizations can prioritize customer outreach. For example, most companies focus on using an automatic Salesforce process leading to better user satisfaction. With Artificial intelligence, companies are now able to target the right customer base which in turn leads to lead generation. AI also plays a crucial role in maintaining customer data safety and aids in human decision-making.

Creating a multi-channel seamless experience

With the advancement of technology, salesforce customers are now empowered to get whatever they want and whenever they want. Customers now want real-time solutions for their queries even on weekends. Today our customers are not tied to a single channel, hence using a multi-channel way of communicating is best in the current situation. Salesforce recently added multiple updates to to help companies adjust to the new normal of working from home. is designed to improve employee engagement along with maintaining safe in-hand customer interactions.

While the technology is ever-evolving, companies have started focusing on system integrities and planning on redesigning the entire work pattern. As a result, Salesforce integration services will not only benefit the organization but will also help the employees in various ways.

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