Top 5 Reasons Why Salesforce Community Cloud Is Must For Business

Salesforce Community Cloud

Top 5 Reasons Why Salesforce Community Cloud Is Must For Business

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools in the world. It offers a variety of features to businesses so they can cater to various parts of their operations in a cohesive manner. One of the tools is the Salesforce Community Cloud. It is an online platform that creates branded web portals for a responsive customer, employee, and partner engagement.  

In essence, the Salesforce Community Cloud lets an organization manage its customer and partner relationships. The platform comes with various editions such as Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer.   

A business can launch communities for its customers or partners on the Salesforce Community Cloud. Through these communities, it can create a channel for communication and collaboration for their stakeholders. 

Partner Communities
By creating a partner portal on Salesforce, companies can use it for effective partner management. It helps in collaborating with its various suppliers, vendors, and other partners. A partner community provides a platform where partners can get necessary information such as updates regarding product changes, training etc on their home page. Company can also use the platform to onboard them and offer certification or training programs on the portal as Learning Management Systems can be integrated easily into the community. The communities offer a platform for sharing leads, managing partner contracts and records, and tracking their performance. Companies can integrate third-party systems to streamline their inventory and pricing. It also provides B2B sales executives with access to customer history, thereby allowing them to up sell effectively and improve their productivity.

Customer Communities
Salesforce communities for customers are used as a channel between businesses and their customers. This is especially relevant for a B2C business where a community can help in providing round-the-clock assistance and create a knowledge hub for the customers. Through a knowledge hub, a company can share informative articles with the customers while customers have the flexibility to access important product information anywhere and anytime. The community is interactive in nature so customers can ask questions and get responses in real time. A self-service option is also available so that customers can raise a ticket and get service support.

Needless to say, the Salesforce Community Cloud offers many benefits to the businesses adopting it. Let us explore some reasons why it is a must for businesses today.  

Helps in building a community of customers
By engaging customers with other fellow customers and company representatives within an online community, the Salesforce Community Cloud provides customers with tailor-made solutions. It also allows the customers to be self-sufficient and find answers themselves through FAQs, tutorials, searchable databases, forum threads, articles, etc. They can buy products online and reach out to other users to share their brand experiences. The Community Cloud is also a more informal and friendlier way to interact with the company.

Provides enhanced customer experience and brand connect
Customers feels empowered when they have access to the abundant self-service options such as FAQs and articles on the portal. They can escalate their issues and get continuous service support. Online user forums enhance customer experience by giving customers a platform to communicate and collaborate with each other. This creates a strong brand connect between the users and the company.

Reduces costs
The Community Cloud is pre-built with custom templates and third-party apps, thereby reducing the costs incurred on creating customized in-house solutions. Also, as customers get round-the-clock access to information on the self-service portal, it helps the company in reducing its costs of resolving a ticket which customers would raise in the absence of any helpful information. A common CRM tool across the organization means that the employees’ time is not wasted in making sense of disparate sets of information. Also, access to ongoing support means lesser need of IT resources for the Cloud.

Through the Community Cloud, a business can develop a good rapport with its customers and employees. Many of whom then serve as brand champions and generate positive content for the business. Companies do not need to spend copious amounts of money on creating affirming brand stories online across different portals and can save money in the process.

Empowers the employees
By combining different sets of data across different company units, this easy-to-use platform makes information easily accessible. It streamlines all significant business operations so that the company can execute jobs in real-time, close deals faster, and resolve customer queries quickly.

The Community Cloud allows employees and Salesforce developers to communicate and collaborate with one another for projects. It is accessible anywhere through the web on mobile and allows for active participation. Sales personnel can use this platform to convert leads, approve marketing budgets and track the sales reports. All of this empowers the employees and leads to thriving work culture.

Provides speed and flexibility to modern day businesses
Salesforce Community Cloud helps to build customized and brand specific communities in a seamless and swift way. These communities can be easily built by using the Community Builder, which has existing templates and requires no coding experience. It can be further customized by the use of available third-party apps according the needs of a business. The Community Cloud can also be used to connect with partners, agencies, suppliers, etc. Using the Community Cloud, a company can keep all its critical stakeholders on the same page. Furthermore, the web portals built by Community Cloud can be optimized for mobile devices, giving employees more flexibility and reducing their turn-around time.

The Salesforce Community Cloud can offer employee engagement, positive customer experience, and improved communication within different business stakeholders. By adopting its pre-built framework, a business can close the loop between its various operations. It can strengthen its core systems and empower its people to make data-driven decisions in real-time. It also provides a clear view of customer trends and keeps the company connected with their audience and lets them provide round-the-clock accessible customer support services. By directly connecting all its important stakeholders Community Cloud allows a company to ultimately drive its sales and be more profitable.  

There are many Salesforce partners who offer customized services for Community Cloud implementation and ongoing support. It is important to go for an experienced partner who can help in effectively delivering the end results unique to a business. Manras Technologies is a Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner based out of Zirakpur and Gurugram. They have a team of 60 certified professionals who can service businesses of all sizes. Implementation of Salesforce Community Cloud is one of their many areas of specialization. They provide user-friendly and mobile-ready web portals with an immersive content strategy. As part of their services, Manras offers consulting, design, development, implementation, and support to their clients. They customize their designs using APIs and connectors to fit not only the current needs but also your future goals of an organization. This allows for businesses to integrate third-party functionalities and components as and when needed. Over the years, Manras Technologies has helped many clients streamline their business workflows and create lasting customer relationships.

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