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Salesforce communities are branded spaces that help to bring customers, partners, employees, or other stakeholders together for sharing information and creating elevated digital experiences. Thus, you end up saving your investment in expensive individual licensing. 

We, at Manras, deploy the learnings from Salesforce community cloud certifications to help in developing these branded collaborative spaces customized and Salesforce sales cloud as per your requirements.



Salesforce Community Cloud Services

Salesforce Community Cloud Services

Strategy Consulting

Strategize how to align your business goals with user requirements with Salesforce Community cloud services. We help you figure out your business objectives, finalize features, perform gap analysis and prepare a future community roadmap.  


We help you identify key usage trends and suggest optimization opportunities to make design choices that are most suitable for your community.  

Development and Implementation

We spend time profoundly understanding your business processes and develop out-of-the-box custom features and apps. We also help you come onboard and streamline your business workflows to produce desired outcomes.

Mobile-friendly Solution

We boost your community experience by mapping the smartphone usage patterns for interactions by your customers, partners, employees, etc. for each demography and subsequently providing a great mobile experience for your community.

Out-of-the-box Customization

We customize solutions not only to meet your current business requirements but also align with your future goals. We are experts in adding components and functionalities for best leveraging the platform while adhering to your brand guidelines.

Third-Party Software Integrations

We integrate the Salesforce Community Cloud with third-party services like social media and document management solutions. We utilize APIs and connectors for quick and secure integration.

Migration to Salesforce Community Platform

We convert your passive data into actionable insights by switching to Salesforce Communities with zero data loss, no change in UI/UX and complete testing. We also help you upgrade to lightning communities for a better community experience  

Chatter for better

For enhanced communication, we help to implement, customize and maintain Chatter in Classic and Lightning versions for you.  

Highlights About Our Services

Transparent, Collaborative and Communicative Approach

We provide complete visibility into our services by always keeping in touch with you right from day one.

Experience-led and Outcome Focused Solutions
We keep your customers in our minds and build solutions accordingly with our six-plus years of experience in providing such services. Our developers are certified with Salesforce service cloud certification.
Agile-Methodology Usage
We use proven, rapid, agile methods of delivery by always keeping you in the loop and providing budget-friendly services within the allotted time frame.
Secure and Convenient Services
We provide secure third-party logins for
your safety and convenience.
Attractive Community gamification

We are experts in building engaging

communities using gamification features.

Stand-Out With Us!

Award-winning and robust community portals
Certified Salesforce Partner
Personalized experiences
Deliver within Time
6+ years of experience
100+ experts based in India and outside
24x7 Support and Maintenance

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