No More Limits: Manras’ Shifting the Record Sharing Paradigm - Manras

No More Limits: Manras’ Shifting the Record Sharing Paradigm

No More Limits: Manras’ Shifting the Record Sharing Paradigm

Imagine the situation where users want to share objects, data and other relevant insights from a related list to individual users/ groups/ roles to effectively carry out their tasks. These are often complicated requirements and affect your data confidentiality and security as some users/ groups may receive excessive privilege. 

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Let’s Unravel the Problem:
Sometimes it’s unfeasible to define a consistent group of users who want access to a particular set of records. Earlier for this use case, record owners used to use manual sharing to give read and edit permissions to users who would not have access to the record any other way.

But, this feature of salesforce has its own limitations:
1. It isn’t automated like organization-wide sharing settings, role hierarchies, or sharing rules.
2. Manual sharing gets removed when the record owner changes or when the sharing access that’s granted doesn’t grant additional access beyond the object’s organization-wide sharing default access level.

ShareIt-O Breakthrough to the above challenge:

Relationship-based Sharing
1. Efficiently and easily share relevant insights from related lists with custom security settings to the right people.
2. Data security is promised.
3. Upon creation of record by the user, record automatically gets shared with the defined related object via relationship defining field.

Key Points:
1. Ensure the existence of a related object with which record has to be shared.
2. Field by which relationship is defined and the user field in a related object with which sharing will be done.
3. From custom settings, choose access type – Read or Edit for the user.

Crest of the Wave
Due to the use of point and click tools like Custom Metadata and Custom Settings, ShareIt O has become a painless too to share the record without a single line of code of complex Apex Managed Sharing.

Isn’t it AMAZING!!

So, buck up and relax your craving to ease your business process by this wonderful product – ShareIT O!!

Written by Juhi Kumari
She is an established Salesforce Certified functional consultant at Manras Technologies, acquainted with various Salesforce Platform terminologies, and an enthusiast content strategy articulator. She has given her contributions to various projects of Salesforce CRM. Always up for a challenging task. She is obsessed with the intersection of technology, automation, and media. Her principle is “Never Give up, rather Live up all challenges and don’t Go through but Grow through all the difficulties that come on the path towards Goal!!

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