2020 FAQ: How ShareIT-O Helpful In Inheriting Shared Records?

How ShareIT-O Helpful In Inheriting Shared Records?

2020 FAQ: How ShareIT-O Helpful In Inheriting Shared Records?

MANRAS is trying to shift the paradigm by clinching one more product i.e. “ShareIT-O” in their bucket, catered to share Salesforce records without complex coding or expensive processes. I believe wholeheartedly in their new launch.

3 key points that are kept in mind while developing this product lies among:

  1. Connection and Collaboration
  2. Sharing irrespective of Coding
  3. Data Security

The intent of extrapolating the existing sharing criteria along with combining additional features makes it a wholesome “Unique” Product which could create a new category of Privilege.

By setting customized privileges – restriction on searches, access to private owner records, etc. one can ensure the highest levels of data security.

One holds the power to share the records with the concerned person only. So, connection with the desired person and collaborate sharing in the organization by simple point and click tool makes ShareIT-O – easy handy tool.

Use Case
If one grants another user access to an account record, the user automatically has access to all the records of opportunities and cases associated with that account record.

Can this be possible with a lookup relationship?

Of course, it’s possible with the final gem of ShareIT-O product:

Inheritance Based Sharing

  1. Effortlessly Share/ Inherit Sharing in Lookup Relationships, just like Master-Detail Relationships.
  2. Data security is guaranteed.

Key Points:

  1. Object with which you have the look-up relationship.
  2. Field defining the lookup relationship between the objects.

Final words
What can be more Fascinating than getting child records privileges as that of parent records and that too without complex coding, just few points and clicks!!

Quickly, give your business a swift Kickstart!! 

Written by Juhi Kumari
She is an established Salesforce Certified functional consultant at Manras Technologies, acquainted with various Salesforce Platform terminologies, and an enthusiast content strategy articulator. She has given her contributions to various projects of Salesforce CRM. Always up for a challenging task. She is obsessed with the intersection of technology, automation, and media. Her principle is “Never Give up, rather Live up all challenges and don’t Go through but Grow through all the difficulties that come on the path towards Goal!!

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