Beyond Handy: Manras’ Innovation with ShareIt-O - Manras

Beyond Handy: Manras’ Innovation with ShareIt-O

Beyond Handy: Manras’ Innovation with ShareIt-O

With the outburst of Sharing concept in the Salesforce technology, one of the thought-provoking concerns when it comes to any software that tends to collect data is accessibility along with security. Our new era of data protection demands any system admin to have proper insight and control about who can see what data. 

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Use Case: 
At times, a user may want to display a list of choices for a particular field related to assignee across the entire organization, or auto-population of the values in the field based on a particular operation.  
In such cases, the Field-Based Sharing feature of ShareIt-O product comes for the rescue.  
Before jumping directly to the solution, first, one has to understand Why? 

Earlier in Salesforce, criteria-based sharing rules were used for extending the access to resources amongst users, but it has its own pitfalls: 
♦ Sharing all records with the users rather than a specific one.  
♦ Shared records guarantee no security of data.  
How ShareIt-O countered with this?  

Field-Based Sharing
♦ ShareIt-O allows sharing of Salesforce data with certain individuals, groups of users, or roles.
♦ Sharing of specific records using a specific field to the specific assignee can be done.
♦ Data security is promised.
♦ This tool not only eliminates manually typing in values for each record, but also increase the maintainability of the list because you make updates in only one location.

Final Takeaway
Field-based sharing, as various security-related topics, is a peculiar subject with many nuances. So, comes with the head-storming job of System admin to give their best shot to secure their data with:
•No piece of code.
•Simple and Easy handy tool.

Now, What are you waiting for? 

Written by Juhi Kumari
She is an established Salesforce Certified functional consultant at Manras Technologies, acquainted with various Salesforce Platform terminologies, and an enthusiast content strategy articulator. She has given her contributions to various projects of Salesforce CRM. Always up for a challenging task. She is obsessed with the intersection of technology, automation, and media. Her principle is “Never Give up, rather Live up all challenges and don’t Go through but Grow through all the difficulties that come on the path towards Goal!!

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