Increase B2B Sales With Salesforce Pardot | B2B Marketing Automation

Increase B2B Sales

Increase B2B Sales With Salesforce Pardot | B2B Marketing Automation

Business to business relations typically involve high investments and are long-term relationships. In such a situation, the company needs to convince the buyer of their importance before they even go through with the transaction. Using traditional methods such as infographics, e-books and presentations is a good way. However, to move up and beyond these old methods, marketers need to create, publish and promote personalized content across their marketing platforms. Salesforce Pardot can help you out here!

What is Pardot?

In the area of marketing automation, businesses will come across many tools that try to offer their services. By helping you identify, increase and close your leads, such tools try to increase your sales. Pardot is one such B2B marketing automation tool. A thing that sets Pardot apart is that it can easily be integrated with Salesforce CRM through the Salesforce Pardot connector. This allows for the complete syncing of data in both systems so that your sales and marketing team is always on the same page. Due to this, both the team improved their management and streamlined their sales funnel. Ultimately ensuring that imporatnt convertible leads are not lost. 

Ways in which Pardot boosts B2B Sales

Track Leads

Pardot is capable of tracking the activity of company leads. By doing this, it can accurately gauge the lead’s habits and nature. This also allows it to track whether the lead is taking the desired actions or not. For example, it can track whether the lead is going to the landing page and then dropping off. In such a case, Pardot automatically tags such leads, after which the sales team can send personalized content to convert them.

Send Activity-Based Content

Through Pardot, you can actively track the journey of a lead on your platform and send them content based on it. You can also use this method to try to warm up old leads by sending them a mail based on their last activity. For example, it can send a new customer a welcome message while sending an old customer an anniversary wish. 

Automatically Assign A Representative

One of the biggest pros of Pardot is its ability to merge the marketing and sales team. It is automated to automatically assign a representative to every lead. Not only does this bring clarity to the sales team but also to the marketing team. It makes it easy for the marketing team to filter out the customers with a representative and take action based on that.

Connect Leads With Their Interests

A new campaign is a time to find new prospects and convert existing prospects into leads. Pardot allows you to exploit all such opportunities. Once again, by tracking their activity, Pardot can find out the campaign in which the leads would be most interested. By doing this, you can connect them with a campaign of their interest and convert them into customers.

Identify Hot Leads

More than trying to find new leads, it is more important to give attention to existing ones without fail. Pardot can identify leads that are most likely to turn into customers by automatically assigning scores to leads. Any lead scoring more than the threshold is likely to turn into a customer. With this, you can identify hot leads and ensure that only they go through the marketing funnel. The automation process will prevent you from spending too many resources on low-quality leads and increase efficiency.

Nurture leads

Through Pardot marketing, you can send users personalized content at the right time through the right channel. Send different types of content and report the outcome, all in Pardot. By doing this, you can nurture your leads and make them loyal customers. It can also be used to make a list of tasks depending on priority. The high-priority time-consuming tasks can be automated while the workers can focus on the more important ones. 

Engagement History

Through Pardot, you can check the effectiveness of your campaigns. It provides a platform where the business can see through campaign performance and analyze it. By determining how engaging the campaigns are, you will be able to determine the way leads interact with such situations. By integrating Pardot with Salesforce, you don’t even need to be here.

Sales Alignment

Pardot & Salesforce engagement allows you to easily sync your marketing and sales teams. This means, they can closely monitor metrics like conversion rates and return on investment. It also gives vital insights to the sales teams without disturbing the workflow by providing data on different platforms. For example, CRM can be done on the phone, while customer activity can be tracked on the Gmail interface.

Salesforce Pardot Features

Email Automation: Send personalized and curated emails to your prospects. Make an email list of targeted audiences and use variable tags to segregate your users. 


Pardot Landing Pages: Pardot helps create landing pages that elicit the user to engage in business. It also allows you to lock areas of your page based on the region. 


Website Tracking: This allows you to track the activity on your website through cookies. Pardot analyzes the activity of all visitors and keeps track of their history.


SEO: Pardot has an SEO and keyword tool to help improve the performance of the content on your website. It also allows you to track your site’s rank on google and compare it with competition websites. 


Analytics Reports: Pardot provides data through reports to help you better understand the performance of your campaigns, email marketing, and landing pages. 


Pardot is one of the top marketing automation tools for B2B on the market. It can help your business unlock the greater potential of your sales and marketing team. With complete and vital data at their fingertips, the sales team can nurture quality leads and close them in a short period. With the smooth handover of work, the built-in business processes are improved, and no lead falls through the cracks. Integrate Pardot with Salesforce and improve follow-up speed, track campaign engagement, and much more. 

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