Make The Most Out Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Full Guide

Salesforce Marketing Cloud guide

Make The Most Out Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Full Guide

Businesses continuously find new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. The first step for that is to deliver a smooth customer experience and increase the visibility of the brand. And this is exactly what the Salesforce marketing cloud does. The marketing cloud, introduced by Salesforce, allows businesses to build solid relationships, increase the efficiency of their digital marketing and improve brand image. In this article, we’ll discuss its benefits, products, and importance and find out how it will make a difference to your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - What is it?

Marketing cloud is a product from Salesforce that aims to help businesses in a variety of areas. First and foremost, it helps brands increase their visibility in the digital space. The marketing cloud also assists in digital marketing. It sends the right cues to the right customer at the right time and engages them in various ways. 


This helps the business grow exponentially. It also comes with marketing cloud automation tools that provide a customized experience to every customer. Similarly, its marketing cloud integration tools help you find insights into customers and improve relationships, assisting your marketing team to a great extent. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products And Features

Salesforce marketing cloud comes with several products and services to help your brand accelerate its digital transformation. Its unique features, especially its Salesforce marketing cloud studios, play a vital role in boosting sales and improving customer touchpoints. In this section, we’ll discuss the various products that are offered by the Salesforce marketing cloud.

1. Email Studio

This feature helps marketers drive up their sales through emails. It lets you tap a large audience by creating customized and smart emails. It segregates user profiles based on previous data and habits, making it easier to create personalized emails. Whether you are building emails for a campaign or a one-to-one interaction, this Salesforce marketing cloud studio will help you reach the right audience.

2. Data Studio

This Salesforce marketing cloud studio helps you manage the premium data. This tool is quite extensive and allows businesses to find unique insights from customer data. Its audience discovery tool is very useful in finding new potential customers quickly. It comes with features that let businesses share or keep data as per the requirements. This allows them to either share data with a trusted partner or make it public. 

3. Journey Builder

As the name suggests, this feature allows businesses to create a personalized Salesforce customer journey for every customer. It helps brands establish a smooth customer experience from any point of contact. The journey builder gathers all available data and uses it to create personalized messages. This allows it to establish humanized one on one relationships with potential customers.

4. Social Studio

The social studio provides comprehensive reports of the social accounts of a business. It lets the brands know the experience of the customer in real-time. This helps businesses form a clear picture of their brand image among customers. It can also route the social media posts of the customer into the CRM platform and assist in creating content for social media.

5. Datorama

This is a one place stop where the businesses get an insight into the state of their marketing channels. It provides extensive reports on the performance of social media posts,  emails, and landing pages. This helps businesses find lacking areas and improve efficiency and scalability. Marketing professionals can use its dashboard to easily optimize growth, leads, and conversion. 

6. Advertising Studio

The advertising studio assists in building a personalized customer experience by collecting user data from the marketing channels. Whether it is Facebook or Google, it is capable of instantly synchronizing user data and keeping it updated. This helps brands reach out to new potential customers on a large scale.

7. Mobile Studio

Most of the customers are on their mobiles. As such, marketing techniques are mostly geared towards mobile users. This study helps brands tap potential customers through mobile marketing. By using unique channels only available to mobile users like SMS, push notifications or chat messages, it helps marketers reach out to a potentially untapped segment of people. 

8. Interaction Studio

This is personalization taken to a whole new level. This feature allows brands to take one on one action. It monitors the digital behavior of customers, such as their history, their active–inactive time, and offline behavior to understand their interests. By using this data, brands can easily understand the needs of their customer and provide the best service. 

9. Pardot

Pardot is one of the most efficient tools in the entire marketing cloud. It helps you automate marketing campaigns, empower sales and close more deals. It can accurately calculate the return on investment in your marketing. Its smart lead nurturing features allows you to find, generate and nurture more leads so you can close deals more efficiently.

Benefits Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It offers firms a wide range of benefits that helps you improve your business in all aspects. Given below are just a few critical segments where the marketing cloud helps your brand.


  • Its marketing cloud automation helps you automate your process and save you time. As with most other automation tools, it works by extracting, transforming, and loading data.  
  • When it comes to security, there’s hardly anyone who compares to Salesforce. It keeps your data highly secure and safe by using encryptions.
  • It can also integrate with third-party sources. Its marketing cloud integrations allow it to connect with other Salesforce services as well as other APIs.
  • The Salesforce marketing cloud is highly customizable. It uses customer data and enables more effective communication with customers through customization.


While marketers always face any issue, the primary one is always the lack of resources. They use different tools for different purposes. This makes it difficult to manage all marketing activities since they are done from different platforms. Salesforce Marketing Cloud as an out of box solution easily rectifies that. It includes a complete package of solutions that a marketer will ever need on a single platform. This allows brands to work efficiently and broaden their horizons. 

Manras Technologies is a top Salesforce consultant offering all kinds of Salesforce marketing cloud products. By helping your business leverage the power of its analytic software and marketing automation, Manras helps you achieve incredible results. The features of the Salesforce marketing cloud take care of all your needs and allow you to transform your enterprise into a giant marketing platform. 

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