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Salesforce Sales & Service Implementation Cloud CRM

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Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s number one customer service and support application. Beyond the help desk software, this service helps to automate service processes, streamline workflows, and find relevant topics and experts for support. It follows the mantra of maintaining one-to-one marketing relationships with every client, on any device, and across multiple channels. Thus, you get a 360-degree view of the customer via a single platform. 


Service Cloud assists you, our valued customers, through your preferred mode of communication like email, phone, social media, online communities, or real-time Web Chat to deliver extraordinary service. This empowers your sales agents to personalize the customer service, provide smarter, faster service and close deals faster.


Components of Salesforce Service Cloud CRM

The key feature of Salesforce Service Cloud Platform is that it is highly customizable as per your business requirements because every business does not need every element. Some of the customizable elements are:  

Omni- Channel Routing:

This feature intelligently routes service work to the agents with the desired skills and certifications to solve the service problem. It can do so through various service channels like email, phone calls, web or mobile Live Agents chats, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.), community sites and even video chats. It also favors services from third parties. The workload management reports give a clear real-time view of the work being done by various service teams  
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The Lightning Console

This Salesforce service console offers a single view of all your customers for faster case handling, customer history tracking, etc.

Live Agent

This is a real-time chat functionality that allows customers to interact with the service agents online. It aids agents in managing multiple conversations at once and is the most-used Salesforce to support case channel.

Live Message

This feature allows customers to converse via mobile messaging. It is simple, cost-efficient and delivers more personalized conversations.

Case Management

This feature covers the whole case management lifecycle right from creation, prioritization, assignment, escalation, reassignment to closure. It even allows the specification of individual parameters that can influence each stage.

Field Service Lightning

This feature of Service cloud allows the field workers to access account information from their smartphones to resolve customer problems and quickly build work orders for cases. For the service department, it helps to plan and execute work smartly, deal with complex assets and even monitor field workers in real-time.

App Builder

This feature allows the creation of customer service apps in case you feel the need of a specific service cloud functionality.

Einstein Bots

This feature answers the trivial questions of the customers to free up some of the agent’s time. Only in case of irresolution of the issue does it transfer to the agent competent in the customer’s problem area.

Self-Service Communities

This feature allows customers to access your knowledge base and find solutions themselves. It even contains a chat feature to ask agents for help in case the customer is not able to help himself.

Service Analytics

Salesforce analytics cloud is an extra tool that provides insights into department and agent performance, allowing managers to make informed and instant actions for optimization. It uses visual displays, centralized KPIs like CSAT scores and service delivery metrics.  

Increase agent productivity and customer loyalty with Salesforce Service Cloud. Know How?

Importance Of Salesforce Service Cloud

According to Salesforce, about 78% of the customers are highly likely to switch or think of switching brands due to poor and inconsistent levels of service. At the same time, every 5% increase in customer satisfaction means at least a 25% increase in profit margins. Thus you can avail numerous Salesforce Benefits from the Salesforce Service Cloud Platform in the following ways:


  • Always-On-Service: Service Cloud ensures complete accessibility of requisite customer data in real time, ensuring that the agents never have to put customers on hold thereby delivering 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Faster Case Resolution:Service Case Management allows automating all the service cases thus doing away with human error and saving time. The productivity tools like email templates etc. further accelerates saving agents time so that they can focus on your customers’ issues and the resolution.
  • Multi-channel support: You can communicate with the customers on their preferred channels like emails, chats, phone calls, etc.
  • Personalized Service: Every business problem is unique in terms of its complexity. OurService Cloud Salesforcedelivers customized solutions for every business need.
  • Proper Monitoring and Management: The Service Cloud features allow managers to closely monitor the department and agent performance with highly advanced reporting capabilities.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sell (greater, faster, smarter) by understanding your customers better.

Sales Cloud is part of the platform, which assists both sales reps and managers in automating the sales process. It stands unique amongst other sales methods because it provides both the account information as well as information gathered from the social media platforms about the customers to give you all the customer information in one place.  You get better insights into your customers, intelligent alerts about the best leads, and even the real-time reporting of the overall business health. Thus, when the company’s sales are booming, you have the right infrastructure in place to support as you scale.

Want to know how the Sales Cloud can work for your company? 

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When Do You Really Feel the Need For The Sales Cloud?

Your customer information is scattered

You are unable to get a complete picture of the business as your customer information is on sticky pads, notes, email marketing systems, and whatnot. This hampers your overall growth as you are not prepared for any customer conversations.

You are losing track of critical information

When customer data gets stored in different places or just in the reps’ heads, you miss out on the essential details as collaboration becomes difficult. And when the rep leaves the company, the customer data goes with him!

You have no concrete plans of scaling faster

Do you have systems in place to take care of demand upsurge or team members growing in number? Make sure your systems can scale as quickly as your business.

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Capturing monthly progress is painful and tedious

You are curious to know where the company is heading- how effective is the sales process. But you don’t have the right tools to monitor and analyze this. It’s about time for you to think deeply about it.

Desktop computers become a must to push deals forward

When your sales reps depend on their desktop computers 9 to 5 for pushing deals forward and carrying information in floppy disks, etc. , its time for a change. From sharing information to conversing with customers, nowadays, smartphones have become a must-have

You can’t customize according to your client needs

You are looking for a system that is flexible enough to be tailored according to your needs but can’t find one.

How can you augment your sales process with Sales Cloud?

Critical Features of Sales Cloud

For Sales Manager

Sales Path

Guides the Sales Manager for defining and managing the sales process. It describes the actions to be taken by the sales manager so that he gets the expected appropriate response from his reps.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Allows advanced analysis of historical pipeline data, trends, and opportunities. 

Process Builders

Helps in building an automated workflow for better supervision of reps’ performance.


Lead Conversion Process

 Make the lead conversion process smooth and consistent using this feature. It helps to simplify the sales process to suit your needs.

Reports and Dashboards

Allows managers to keep track of the sales reps’ performances as well as key sales figures for smarter sales decisions and chalking out a comprehensive sales strategy.

Products and Price Books

Helps to draft the rules for the pricing of products and services while working with multiple currencies

For Sales Reps

Tasks and Events Management

Reps can manage their day to day activities ( emails, phone calls, meetings, and other chores), maintaining a smart activity timeline that has a lightning experience UI.

Social Accounts and Contacts

Provides information from contacts or accounts from different social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to address clients in a better way.

Lightning Voice

Expedites conversations with customers and prospects. It enables one-click calling, automated call logging, and even localizing the phone numbers of the sales reps to their sales territories for a higher response rate.

Process Builder

Facilitates the automation of many manual tasks, e.g. chasing the leads, nurturing the prospects, etc. thus executing the daily tasks faster and easier.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Provides information to sales reps to support them in making informed decisions. They get notified about the key points of their deals, the leads that are most likely to convert, and prospects they should pay more attention to.

Crucial Business Goals achieved

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In sales Productivity

sales revenue


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In opportunity win-rate

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