Salesforce CRM an Intelligent Approach to Business Problems

Salesforce CRM an intelligent approach to business problems

Salesforce CRM an Intelligent Approach to Business Problems

Customers are at the core of any business idea. Happy customers make for a steady foundation for a successful business. Therefore, building strong customer relationships is a priority for businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a revolutionary approach in nurturing an organization’s relationships with its clients. CRM can handle a range of business operations for a company and streamline them to improve efficiency and impact customer experience positively. A front-runner in this field, Salesforce offers customer relationship management solutions to organizations across the globe.

Why Salesforce?
Salesforce CRM is a one-stop platform that will assist you in handling a range of business challenges. It can store, organize, automate, and analyse various types of data and align different business processes. In doing so, it keeps business users connected to a single platform while providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer. It improves both the speed of the business as well as its efficiency. Salesforce CRM can achieve the above-mentioned results because it offers smart solutions to everyday business problems.

In this article, we will discuss how can Salesforce CRM provide modern organizations with intelligent solutions to their business challenges –

Organizing limitless Customer Data
Salesforce stores information at a single location which is remotely accessed by users using a laptop or Salesforce’s mobile phone app. This ensures that any customer-related information such as an address or an interaction is easily accessible to relevant business users from different processes within the company. It keeps everyone on the same page and avoids the loss of precious customer information. A centralised base for customer information leads to business users saving time in tracking down customer details.

Understanding the Customer
Modern organizations deal with a limitless stream of customer data from disparate sources. These unorganized chunks of datasets can offer businesses with valuable insights on their target customers. Since Salesforce is a cloud-based tool, it empowers businesses to store this data remotely, organise it into readable information and analyse it for generating actionable insights.

In this way, Salesforce can help organizations understand customers and support them when required. For instance, gaming major Activision provides a world-class product experience to its customers by using Salesforce marketing cloud to monitor the social media conversations relevant to their brand. They also use the Salesforce service cloud to follow-up with social media-generated customer complaints and queries. This has helped them decrease their annual customer service-related costs by around 25%.

Also, with a stronger understanding of what customers want, companies can craft their product strategy according to the customer requirements and pitch the right product to new clients. It also helps them up-sell or cross-sell more products and services to their existing customers.

Timely Measurement of Key Performance Indicators
Salesforce CRM provides businesses with frequent reports and dashboards on their key metrics. Its automated reporting mechanism is notches ahead of the traditional manual reporting methods. In a traditional process, executives have to scrub data, fill up spreadsheets, and update reporting formats manually. By the time manual reports reach the stakeholders, the information is already old and obsolete. Automated reporting on critical parameters such as sales representatives’ performance against targets, demand forecasting etc keeps the workforce on track. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and saves precious time.

Also, Salesforce’s cloud computing makes manual data collection a thing of the past. It eliminates the need for office executives to coordinate the collection and verification of data from different sources. With a cloud-based CRM tool, sales staff can directly update their sales numbers remotely. Their managers can also directly access the updated reports in real-time.

Increasing Employee Collaboration and Productivity
For large organizations, keeping their teams working cohesively is a momentous task. To create a homogenous environment that aids collaboration, companies need to align their technology and processes across geographies and business verticals. Salesforce’s automated workflow breeds a collaborative environment where inter-departmental work runs smoothly leading to reduced time and increased productivity. Salesforce has a free social collaboration tool named Chatter for employees to collaborate securely with each other. With Chatter, they can share files and status updates just the way they do on social networks like Facebook.

US banking giant Wells Fargo uses Salesforce CRM to focus their employees’ energies on high-value projects by saving time on basic customer service tasks. Salesforce has helped them in increasing collaboration among employees and saved them from unproductive IT tasks.

Enhancing Customer Service
With the Salesforce service cloud, companies can effectively capture and manage high volumes of client complaints easily. Salesforce CRM allows customer service representatives to have visibility into their customers’ interactions with the brand. This accelerates the process of resolving customer issues as no loss of time in trying to identify the customer and reviewing his previous interactions with the company.

With its various benefits, Salesforce CRM is a technology of choice for many popular brands across the globe. This does not mean that it is ideal only for large organizations. Organizations of all sizes are adopting Salesforce CRM to make the most out of their investments. With the help of a reliable partner, an organization can implement a customised Salesforce software. Manras Technologies is a Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner specialising in Salesforce implementations of varying complexities. With its highly qualified team of over 60 professionals, Manras Technologies can provide your business with actionable Salesforce solutions. Its certified and experienced engineers are available round-the-clock for continuous support and guidance.

Salesforce CRM can prove to a blessing for organizations that want to do away with inter-departmental silos and work in unison. It solves various problems related to team collaboration, time management, employee productivity, and customer service standards. Salesforce allows organizations to focus on more productive areas for business success. It takes care of the information overload while connecting and engaging different business units through its platform. With Salesforce, organizations can work in cohesion and benefit from its intuitive approach to business problems.

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