Real Estate CRM: Turning Dreams into Reality

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM: Turning Dreams into Reality

The real estate industry helps millions of people turn their dreams into reality by providing them with the perfect abode. Real estate agencies work alongside buyers and sellers to do so. It is a competitive industry where they need to stay ahead of market trends, generate leads, track campaigns, and manage customer relationships simultaneously. A Real estate CRM tool helps agencies to seamlessly manage the different aspects of their business from a single platform.

What is Real Estate CRM?
Real estate CRM is a customer relationship management tool for the real estate industry, designed to offer agents with seamless connectivity to data and resources. Different real estate CRM packages offer variable benefits. However, the key features of the tool is the ability to track lead generation campaigns, manage and upload contacts, manage agent calendars, and offer analysis of real estate trends and insights by combing through various online sources, to name a few. It is a flexible tool that allows third party integrations providing access to multiple features on one platform thereby enhancing productivity.

The importance of real estate CRM in the real estate industry
There are many CRM tools available in the market. A great CRM tool built on a reliable platform like Salesforce helps agents in many ways. Let us explore some key areas of impact –

Provides a real estate agents with a system accessible from smart devices
Real estate agents represent property buyers or sellers and negotiate deals on their behalf. These agents are constantly on-the-move because of the nature of their work. They juggle several clients at once and in between meeting clients and showing properties all over, they do not have regular desktop access. A good CRM tool is automated, cloud-based, and available both on mobile and desktop. This enables the agents to continuously engage with their customers.

For an industry that runs either on referrals from existing contacts or new lead generation from campaigns, a CRM tool can help in end-to-end process management by creating lead generation campaigns, managing the leads, creating price quotes, and tracking customer interactions etc. In short, it supports the agents to close more deals by letting them focus on more important tasks.

Crystallise high volumes of information
An efficient CRM tool is more than just a database of customers. It is a customization solution that works intuitively to provide accurate information in real-time. For example, lead management is a crucial aspect of this business and agents use multiple fronts to source them. Websites, online campaigns, offline campaigns, word-of-mouth, direct mails, social media are just some of the ways in which real estate agents gather possible leads. This means that there is an inflow of leads from a plethora of platforms. This data needs to be organised into meaningful sets of information that can be used to improve business results. A good CRM tool consolidates this expansive data into a single database that can be utilised to take better decisions and improve profits.

Enhance the customer experience
Purchasing a property is a significant move for an individual. It is an expensive task and therefore, customers expect the highest levels of commitment from their agents. They expect the agents to be highly responsive to their queries. With competition always on the horizon from other agents, a realtor must immediately respond to existing customer queries as well as new leads. A CRM tool can have in-built features that allow an agent to receive notifications when a customer tries to get in touch. The tool can also automatically respond to certain queries in a personalised manner.

Create lasting customer relationships
Real estate CRM tools are equipped to maintain contacts with not just new leads but previous buyers as well. As real estate is an expensive investment, buyers look forward to referrals and reviews by trusted family and friends. A positive referral from a previous client can lead to more business for a realtor. A CRM tool can keep agencies in touch with previous customers by sending them automated messages such as invites to real estate launches, holiday greetings, or other newsworthy information on the real estate trends in their vicinity.

Make insightful decisions and improve productivity
As mentioned earlier, buying a property is a high involvement investment. Every deal takes careful planning, paperwork, and several interactions between the buyer, seller, and agent. If things do not feel right, clients back out. A sale can run into problems due to a lack of prompt decision-making. Therefore, it is imperative for realtors to spot out potential issues ahead of time and avoid such a scenario.

A good CRM tool with real-time data helps realtors respond to any issue the moment it begins to occur instead of waiting for their month end reports. CRM generated analytics and insights can give a clear view on various performance indicators. For example, agents can review their performance or ascertain what kind of lead generation campaigns work best. They can also identify customer groups which are most profitable for them.

Find the best-fit CRM tool for your business
Businesses like real estate can benefit greatly from a robust CRM tool. There are many specialized vendors who can build a customized real estate CRM software according to the business needs of a company or an agent. Manras Technologies is a Gold Salesforce consulting partner who specialists in building CRM software that caters to the evolving business needs of real estate agencies of all sizes. Their CRM software offers solutions such as sales force management, contacts and account management, property management, automation reminders, analytics, real-time target status and invoice visibility, lead scoring and grading etc. The tool is customization and helps tackle the various facets of real estate sales such as per-sales, post sales, lead gathering and allocation, data processing and multi-channel customer communication etc.

An efficient CRM tool must cover the end-to-end aspects of a real estate sales process. It should provide the agencies with a comprehensive and an intuitive view of their business while improving the overall productivity. A CRM specialist like Manras Technologies can provide your business with a robust solution that fits your unique needs.

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