Is Salesforce CRM Free for Nonprofit Organizations?

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Is Salesforce CRM Free for Nonprofit Organizations?

Salesforce for Non-profit Organizations. Does it sound like an oxymoron? Given the popularity of Salesforce as a business tool for CRM, sales and marketing, it is often thought of as something that only big, for-profit organizations use. However, it is not true. Salesforce is a powerful, cohesive and effective CRM tool with wide-ranging features and functionalities to help organizations across domains and of varied sizes/types – Fortune 500 companies, multi-million-dollar MNCs, government agencies, startups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.

If you are managing a non-profit organization, Salesforce offers exclusive solutions that leverage robust, leading-edge technology for you. You stand to benefit from the myriad amazing features of Salesforce, like any multi-million-dollar company.

Read on to know how Salesforce helps non-profits overcome their unique and arduous challenges.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: An Introduction
Non-government and non-profit organizations face unique challenges for which technology can provide cutting-edge solutions. Without a unifying and robust tech platform, addressing these challenges will be arduous and inefficient. The presence of organizational silos and scattered data further amplifies the problem.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a scalable, open and flexible platform exclusively built for non-profit organizations with world-class technology to effectively address these challenges. Built on a single, cohesive platform, it brings myriad capabilities together, from automation to integration to actionable insights.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is packed with curated features, apps, services, tools and technology for mission-driven NGOs/non-profits to do better. These include Grant Management, Program Management, Impact Management, Donor Management, Accounting, Case Management, Event Management, Community Portals, Insights, Reporting and Analysis, etc.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud also offers a well-thought, robust data model that helps integrate the organization, break multiple silos and provide actionable insights to drive efficiency. It seeks to accelerate non-profits in accomplishing their mission and creating greater good in the world.

How Do Non-Profit Organizations Benefit from The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

1.Become a connected organization
Organizational silos are extremely damaging for non-profits causing everything from missing details, gaps in communication with stakeholders to inefficiencies and wastage. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud integrates all organizational data and interactions (with donors, supporters, clients, grantees, volunteers, affiliates, etc.) in one place. It provides a holistic view of the organization, breaking down silos.

When everyone in the organization has a single source of truth, there is a unified view of the organization and shared goals for every employee/ team member. It further provides a 360-degree view of each of the constituents, enabling better engagement and faster, data-enabled decision-making. Overall, it empowers non-profits to become connected organizations and thereby, maximize their impact.

2.Effective communication
By breaking down silos and providing various features to stay connected, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud enables effective communication within the organization and with external stakeholders (clients, volunteers, beneficiaries, funders, etc.).

Automation takes care of bulk communications with stakeholders. You can personalize communications, make them more relevant and compelling and measure impact seamlessly, without much manual drudgery and inaccuracies. You are empowered to nurture meaningful and strong relationships with your community and accelerate your mission.

3.Hassle-free fundraising
The Nonprofit Cloud equips you with the tools to craft donor-centric experiences (including mobile experiences) that are meaningful and compelling. With the help of world-class technology and actionable data insights, you can scale your fundraising with digital fundraising solutions. It equips you with the right kind of visibility into multiple giving channels, reports, analytics, etc. to strengthen your strategies. Nonprofit Cloud improves the donor retention rate by 31%.

4.Better yielding marketing campaigns
The more the world knows about your mission and work, the more impact you can create. You can get more volunteers and donors, share your knowledge and replicate models in other areas and so on.

With the help of the Salesforce Marketing features available on the Nonprofit Cloud, you can craft the most impactful marketing campaigns. You can better understand your constituents and foster lasting relationships with them. You can personalize engagements with them by leverage smart insights. With real-time reports and insights, you can measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.

5.Elevate program impact
The Nonprofit Cloud equips organizations, especially program directors and managers, with key insights, analytics and reports. This, in turn, enables them to manage, streamline and measure the impact of multiple, complex programs. The insights help elevate personalized and enhanced client experiences. These insights are also helpful in presenting impact to funders and donors.

The Salesforce virtual agents are available round-the-clock to provide services across channels for services such as a Support Centre, Emergency Helplines, etc.

6.Accelerated and effective grants management
For non-profits that offer vital resources to the community in the form of grants, the Grant Management capabilities are immensely beneficial. It enables faster, data-driven decision-making and offers a clearer understanding of financial commitments to grant-makers. It strengthens relationship building and elevates grantee experiences. Overall, the Nonprofit Cloud makes the grants process hassle-free, effective and agile.

7.Improve process and employee efficiency
Employees will spend lesser time on manual drudgery, repetitive tasks and paperwork. They will be able to focus on crafting high-quality stakeholder experiences. Nonprofit Cloud helps improve process and employee efficiency, thereby, helping reduce operational costs.

3 Powered-Packed Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
The NPSP is an offering from Salesforce that tailors the CRM platform with nonprofit-ready features to match the unique needs and context of non-profit organizations. Combined with the Nonprofit Cloud, leading-edge technology, cutting-edge platform and flexible, scalable data architecture, NPSP provides all the aforementioned benefits and more to non-profits.

NPSP allows organizations to further integrate other amazing apps from Salesforce AppExchange. Backed by a distinguished global community of developers, experts, users and organizations, Salesforce built NPSP from the ground up and continues to improve the vast ecosystem.

Einstein Analytics for Nonprofits
Salesforce Einstein Analytics for non-profits is from the intelligent, AI-enabled Salesforce Einstein platform that drives data-driven decision-making. It empowers non-profit organizations in 3 ways:

  • Measuring marketing ROI
  • Assessing the impact of each program and streamlining it thereafter.
  • Improving fundraising performance and probability

The Power of Us Program
Committed to give back to society and be part of the change, Salesforce launched the Power of Us Program. The global CRM leader endeavors to accelerate and drive scalable, positive impact on the world through this program.

Through the Power of Us Program, Salesforce donates 10 free Salesforce subscriptions (Enterprise Edition Licenses) to eligible non-profit organizations. Such organizations are additionally provided discounts on additional subscriptions, events, training, products, services, etc. from Salesforce. Non-profits gain access to a wealth of resources, training, webinar, specific groups and partners through the one-stop resource center, the Power of Us Hub.

Ultimately, Is It Free?
Yes and no. If you are an organization eligible for the Power of Us Program, you stand to gain 10 free subscriptions (Licenses) to Enterprise Edition premium Sales and Service Cloud + NPSP that sits on top of it. However, after the 10-month period, you will have to pay for your subscriptions, though at a deeply discounted rate.

For additional subscriptions for the Unlimited Edition + NPSP, the cost is USD 72/ month. If and for the Enterprise Edition + NPSP, additional subscriptions, the cost is USD 36/ month. The bottomline is that Salesforce, committed to empower non-profits to accelerate and scale their impact, offers its power-packed Nonprofit Cloud and related offerings at a competitive and affordable price.

If you are new to Salesforce, help is only a (click/call away) with Gold Standard Consulting partners like Manras.

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