Why Now Is The Time For Healthcare To Move To The Salesforce Cloud?

Why Now Is The Time For Healthcare To Move To The Salesforce Cloud?

Why Now Is The Time For Healthcare To Move To The Salesforce Cloud?

The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation as many organizations are adopting digital models such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), online lab portals, etc. Healthcare companies need these digital tools to connect with their patients and other partners such as care workers or insurers. However, to put the digital models to best use, organizations need to adapt to a comprehensive solution that can streamline different healthcare processes. Salesforce is one of the largest customer relationship management companies which helps clients connect with their customers across industries. For healthcare organizations, the adoption of Salesforce Cloud can play a significant role in patient relationship management.

The Relevance of the Salesforce Cloud for healthcare
The Salesforce Cloud is a customer relationship management software that can be customised to the needs of a healthcare organization by building functionalities that fit their sensitive environment. Salesforce helps healthcare businesses get a 360-degree view of their patients to enable their teams in engaging better with them. By giving better visibility to patient information and providing thorough analysis, it offers a personalised experience to the patients. Salesforce CRM has strong cloud computing strength, making processing of large data possible in a short amount of time. This brings in higher speed to any medical interaction and decision-making. It also saves valuable time which is a critical element towards providing efficient healthcare.

Why Migrate to Salesforce?
The Salesforce Cloud is an exciting choice for healthcare companies for some very convincing reasons. In this article, we will discuss some valid arguments in favour of the Salesforce Cloud adoption.

Higher Security for Confidential Medical Data
A patient’s health records are confidential in nature. These days, when health records are digital, they are also prone to cyber attacks. These cyber attacks are widespread and are a grave threat to the security of private patient information. It is the duty of a healthcare company to avoid any breach in the security of the personal health information of its patients.

The Salesforce platform offers companies with strong security features at the infrastructure, network, and application level. Salesforce Shield is a service offered through the Salesforce platform. It allows customers granular visibility into who is accessing their information. It also keeps track of how that information is being used. The service encrypts sensitive data without compromising the business utility of that data. Another Salesforce feature called event monitoring alerts healthcare teams of any unusual data usage patterns. It monitors the activity of users and data such as allowing the administrator to see if someone printed a page, exported data, or accessed a patient’s information.

Limitless Storage and Easy Access
Salesforce cloud storage gives a flexible and scalable option for healthcare companies to store patient data without any hardware and rental costs such as leasing a premise or buying and maintaining storage servers. Through the cloud, the data stays secure and easily accessible for its users.

Also, because Salesforce stores all the data on the cloud, it is possible to reach it remotely from any device such as a laptop or mobile phone. This makes information readily available to those who need it. Easy access to information leads to a higher speed of execution which is a crucial parameter for efficient healthcare. Patients can also easily keep track of their health and insurance records. This is a boon as patients often have to exchange their information with different healthcare partners. This integration and interoperability offered by Salesforce let the patient and his family focus on the health aspects than running errands and completing endless paperwork for hospitals and insurers.

Efficient Patient Care Coordination
With the Salesforce cloud the medical fraternity can access a patient’s historical health records remotely. This allows doctors and clinical researchers to share notes and collaborate with each other. It can help a doctor better deduce the issues plaguing a patient’s health. It can also enable researchers to collaborate with experts and come up with novel treatments for patients. Thus, it not only speeds up the process but also improves the quality of patient care.

Round-the-clock Customer Support
Healthcare solutions providers have customers who depend on their products and services to lead a normal life. Companies can use Salesforce to build communities where the customers can engage and seek customer support for their products. For example, Cochlear is a global leader in hearing implants. It has used Salesforce to keep up lifelong relationships with their customers by creating online communities. As hearing loss is a condition that patients manage throughout their life, Cochlear helps hearing loss patients throughout their journey from researching for a product to using it for a lifetime.

Organizations can adopt a customised Salesforce solution with the help of a credible Salesforce approved partner such as Manras Technologies. Manras Technologies is a Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner providing customized Salesforce solutions to healthcare providers. Their skill lies in creating a seamless yet multi-functional platform that manages various processes central to the healthcare ecosystem such as patient engagement, B2B sales, marketing automation, lead management, feedback handling, patient loyalty, call-centre CRM, etc. With help companies get their Salesforce software to give useful solutions such as electronic medical records, medical billing, online pathology lab, online tools for research and project management, drug database integration, etc.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry is under immense pressure. Patients need a high level of engagement and care as existing hospitals and health centres gear up to tackle the health crisis with their limited manpower. An intuitive solution like the Salesforce Cloud can consolidate patient information and hasten the process of patient care with its innovative relationship management features. It can help drive the innumerable departmental and organizational processes so that patient’s health is treated as a priority. When healthcare organizations migrate to Salesforce, they redefine security, efficiency, and patient care for the modern healthcare industry.

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