Know the Advantage of Using Salesforce CRM in the Fintech Industry

Know the Advantage of Using Salesforce CRM in the Fintech Industry

The Fintech business landscape has always been a competitive market, and with modernization, it is growing at an even faster rate. This increase in the competitive market has made it quite difficult for banks, insurance firms, or capital markets to distinguish themselves from rival companies.

The customer experience is what will help the fintech company stand out. When customers trust a company with their hard-earned money, they expect safety, easy process, and better customer interactions. The Salesforce fintech CRM solution is a platform that can add a more client-focused perspective to financial service firms. The Salesforce CRM software can help fintech businesses in many ways, such as through insights on the client, developing a cohesive relationship with the client, helping sales reps in the sales process, etc. 

Major Advantages Salesforce CRM Provides to the Fintech Industry

1. Improves Customer Experience

Salesforce helps fintech companies win and keep customers by providing better quality services to the clients much faster than the competitors. The benefits of the financial service cloud also work to increase the business’s productivity and efficiently close the deal with new clients.

Leveraging automation of marketing and dividing the client base to make sure that the right message is reaching the right people on time is another function of the Salesforce CRM. Salesforce fintech CRM can provide: a quicker and simpler onboarding process, management of customer queries, and correct financial products with their 360-degree customer platform and improve the business practices. It is one of the best CRM systems for financial advisors because of its available components.

2. Boosted Sales and Lead Conversions

Salesforce can help streamline different departments and improve the process and workflow of the Fintech business with its Salesforce financial services cloud features. This helps the business in increasing their profit while decreasing their expenditure. The dynamic world of Fintech business benefits from the collaboration between different teams and departments that Salesforce provides.


Salesforce focuses on the customers and their important needs to grow the fintech companies faster. The company’s sales reps and customer service teams get a significant advantage in their work with Salesforce. This is because the workflows, automation, and lead nurturing programs provide them with space to focus on following up with new leads, closing the right customer, and working with the key clients and their needs. This improves the efficiency of the business and subsequently the sales and lead conversion. 

3. Streamline Operations and Reduce Risk

For fintech companies, a good brand image is crucial, and breaches of data, mistakes and operational risks can ruin a brand’s reputation. This is why using software like Salesforce, which streamlines the process and integrates necessary tools to stop data problems, is essential. Maintenance of security from risks is expected from any Fintech company by its customer. When a data breach or a security threat occurs, it can cause a huge business loss.


One of the biggest challenges that fintech firms, especially younger ones, face are cybersecurity, regulatory, and compliance rules. The KYC or AMLs and operation process, which are inconsistent along with the above-mentioned challenges, can make it very difficult for fintech companies to flourish if performed incorrectly.


But, what is the solution to this? Transparent business processes. This helps the business with long-term success and faster growth.


A transparent partner like Salesforce can help the fintech companies in this aspect too. Several financial service firms and fast-growing fintech startups use Salesforce as their trusted partner. Salesforce even makes all compliance documents and uptime easily available on This feature makes Salesforce an ideal fit for fintech companies.

4. CRM Software Seamlessly Blends All Channels

Now more than ever, people are using multiple digital channels. So, if you were to search for a service, you would find their website, mobile app, email, and social media all available to help with premium customer service. Fintech companies are also becoming interested in these solutions and are implementing them. However, these digital channels only work for the benefit of the company if they can provide seamless connection and straightforward financial management services to customers, which are not very easy.

Salesforce financial services cloud features can help in this regard by combining multiple channels for simplification. When customer service improves, the customer will keep returning to the business. The Salesforce fintech CRM can provide fast and straightforward interactions and helps in building a positive brand image. Because of Salesforce’s multiple channels, the employees can also focus on big-picture problems instead of spending time handling customer issues.

5. Custom CRM Features Exist for All Business Needs

The offerings of Salesforce can be customized to meet the company’s unique requirements. This is what makes Salesforce work for different types of industries. When we are talking about Fintech companies, the benefits of the financial services cloud can help with the unique requirements of this industry. Mobile payments, mobile banking, cryptocurrency, trading, insurance, and other services can be the focus area of the Fintech company.

Every industry is distinctive, and every business within an industry has its specialization. Your Fintech company may focus on mobile banking and payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, trading, or a mix of multiple services. Salesforce can personalize its offerings to fit your company’s needs and alter its capabilities based on your customers and services.

The flexibility of Salesforce features is well suited for the unique requirements of the Fintech industry. The records, workflow, list views, objects, and processes of Salesforce fintech CRM make it customizable in a way that fits the company’s needs and satisfies the customers too. 


To thrive in this market, fintech service companies need to provide the best client satisfaction and support. Salesforce helps the fintech businesses in achieving these goals. With Salesforce implementation, your business can be at the forefront of innovation and build sustainable and long-lasting business relationships. 

If you are seeking any Salesforce service for your fintech business, Manras Technologies is a Salesforce platinum consulting partner who can provide you with certified and experienced consultants and engineers. We have helped clients such as Cloud builders, PubNub, make positive, and many others with  Salesforce services. With Manras Technology, you can be 100% sure of skilled handling and customer satisfaction.

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