10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

Salesforce CRM is one of the world’s most preferred CRM platforms. It offers flexibility and higher productivity to its users thanks to a host of features available through the AppExchange apps. With AppExchange, Salesforce users get access to the largest CRM app marketplace in the world. Currently, it is being utilised by approximately 85% Fortune 100 companies. AppExchange helps businesses to find an app that best fits their business needs without making further investments.

How does Salesforce AppExchange benefit your business?
AppExchange has a library of apps for the varied needs of any department, role, or industry. These apps help organizations to automate their tedious tasks, consolidate customer data, and integrate their systems with the Salesforce platform.

Let us explore how AppExchange apps can benefit a business –

Helps create learning modules for HR
Salesforce can offer higher efficiency to HR processes especially in the field of learning. Usually, HR managers upload learning and on boarding materials for rolling out training modules for the employees. Post that, they track employee progress and report it. All of this is a tedious task. When done using the AppExchange apps, this task gets easier. This is so because Salesforce allows automation of all the above processes. For example, the assignment of training modules to certain roles is done by Salesforce itself. Similarly, HR managers can track progress directly through Salesforce generated dashboards.

Help run events efficiently
When it comes to planning any scheduled event on the Salesforce platform, it may require several resources along with a significant level of coordination. There could be many software, spreadsheets and other systems involved in the process of scheduling an event. Enterprise events software Fonteva Events is an app on AppExchange. The app allows users to flawlessly integrate different activities into the event operations. It can manage a variety of elements such as logistics planning, online registration, agendas, etc.

Integrates systems
If your organization utilises multiple cloud-based or on-premises systems, there is a chance that they may not be fully integrated. The integration of multiple systems is a tiresome project. Salesforce’s AppExchange has many apps to solve this issue. Apps like Dell Boomi AtomSphere can help your business integrate various systems, saving both time and effort.

Automates generation of contracts and documents
From lead generation to closure, any sale activity creates a significant amount of paperwork. For sales representatives, it is more important to focus their energies on converting leads rather than spending time manually filling out documents. Apps like the Conga Composer take care of the tedious data entry work. It has standardised templates for team members to follow which further saves their time.

Allows easier administration of Salesforce
Administration of the Salesforce platform is a significant task because of the large scope of work it carries. There are AppExchange apps that ease off the burden of Salesforce admins by providing them with shortcuts to execute the same tasks. Admins can integrate systems, report, customise, mass update, de-dupe, etc without having to work from scratch.

Streamlines business activities
Salesforce CRM a 360-degree view of customers. It helps in delivering personalised customer experience to them with targeted products and customised communication. AppExchange apps which include ERP and PLM apps, can streamline every business activity. For example, it aligns product development with other processes such as inventory planning, fulfilment, and reporting. When business activities are in line with the same goals, organizations achieve higher productivity in reduced time and effort.

Allows project management through the platform
The Salesforce CRM tool can also serve as a project management tool. To do so, organizations can utilise AppExchange apps specialising in project management. These apps have the capability to start workflows on the basis of specified triggers. Also, the projects are handled through Salesforce’s mobile app which makes it easily accessible to its users.

Tracks return on projects
In order to assess a project’s profitability, businesses need to track every expenditure incurred on it. AppExchange apps such as Salestrip help businesses keep an eye on their expenses. Salestrip can automate expense management and travel-related processes such as receipt handling, travel search, etc. allowing employees to devote more time to work. Its AI-powered features assist businesses in predicting spends and controlling their cashflows. As an authorised travel agent, it helps employees search and manage their travel bookings, thereby making travel agencies redundant.

Improves efficiency of HR function
AppExchange has a wide range of HRMS apps to optimise various human resource services. For example, LearnTrac provides native learning solutions on the Salesforce platform. It improves employee productivity by gaining insights into their learning needs and accordingly training them. Similarly, Attendance Tracker and Recruiting apps help HR managers to tracking attendance or managing job openings.

Provides easy access to the most efficient marketing tools
One of the most popular email marketing apps is Mailchimp. The MailChimp Integration App on AppExchange allows users to upload their Mailchimp subscribers as Salesforce leads. This integration enhances the benefits of Mailchimp by providing a better analysis and reporting of Mailchimp campaigns leading to higher customer reach and improved lead conversions, all within the Salesforce app.

To avail of the different benefits of the AppExchange apps, you can get in touch with a verified Salesforce consulting partner such as Manras Technologies. They are a Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner with an experienced team of consultants. Manras can help you to create a customised roadmap that can adapt to your organization’s growing needs. They also have their own value-added products namely Communicat-O, Immigrat-O and ShareIt-O. While Communicat-O is a business text messaging app, Immigrat-O serves the immigration process for the client. ShareIt-O is a holistic and speedy platform for sharing Salesforce records.

With AppExchange apps, organizations can enhance the returns from their Salesforce investments. These apps make Salesforce a flexible and one-stop platform for their ever-evolving needs. They help boost employee productivity by making the Salesforce platform more coherent.

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