How Salesforce Bots Are Transforming Customer Service Interactions?

How Salesforce Bots Are Transforming Customer Service Interactions?

How Salesforce Bots Are Transforming Customer Service Interactions?

As the world undergoes a paradigm shift powered by futuristic technologies like automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), customer expectations are fast changing. Customers today seek high-quality, personalized and seamless experiences while interacting with brands. They seek shorter wait times and effective handling/ resolution of their requests/ queries/ complaints/ feedback. They, especially the fast-growing demographic of millennial customers, want to feel valued by the brand and want their every interaction with the brand to be tailored, hyper-relevant and hassle-free.

In essence, brands can thrive amidst the aggressive competition and cluttered market only if they achieve superior customer experiences and customer-business relationships soon and at scale. Brands can do so successfully and cost-effectively at scale by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer service interactions, just like sales and marketing where AI and intelligent automation are being extensively used.

One of the ways in which AI is leveraged in customer service interactions by forward-thinking organizations is through AI-powered conversational bots/ chatbots. These AI-driven, real-time bots are revolutionizing the way brands engage and interact with their customers. Salesforce Bots are leading the way on this front.

Read on to learn more about Salesforce Bots and how they are revolutionizing customer service interactions.

What are Einstein Bots?

Einstein Bots is an integral part of the Salesforce Service Cloud and a powerful tool offered by Salesforce to revolutionize customer service interactions by simulating natural human conversations. Einstein Bots address two key challenges at once.

  1. Automating repetitive, routine, and trivial service requests from customers that do not require human expertise and can be handled by an intelligent Bot.
  2. Empowering and augmenting customer service agents to focus on complex and more challenging service requests, as well as, ensuring frictionless digital service experiences for customers.

Features of Einstein Bots

  • Einstein Bots simulate natural human conversations with customers. They reply to customer requests in a natural and personalized manner based on the context and customer intent.  
  • They hand off requests to human agents only when the request needs human expertise and problem-solving abilities.  
  • Powered with ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Einstein Bots learn from every interaction and continuously improve their abilities to better understand customer expectations.  
  • They are fully integrated with the Salesforce platform and this sets them apart from competitor Bots. Additionally, businesses can use the technology to customize Bots for their unique needs.  

How are Einstein Bots Transforming Customer Service Interactions?

Elevated Customer Experiences Through Always on Support

According to a 2016 Forrester Report, 73% of customers stated that the most important thing for them is for businesses to value their time and 53% stated that they will abandon their online purchase if an instantaneous/ quick response is not given to their query. In essence, longer wait times, missed interactions/ support tickets and ineffective/ slow query resolution are detrimental to the business. But, with the massive scale at which service tickets are received, the businesses would have earlier been forced to increase the number of agents in their team or risk losing sales.

With Salesforce Bots, businesses can have an always-on and instantaneous virtual service agent and ensure lightning-fast issue/ ticket/ service request resolution. When a customer starts a conversation with the Einstein Bot, the Bot shows them a menu of frequent/ common areas that questions arise such as Order Status, Account Login, Tracking, Returns, Order Changes, Warranty and so on. This reduces the back and forth and expedites the process immensely. Further, the conversations are natural and personalized. Since the Bot collects all the background information, it sets the ground for rapid issue resolution if the request is escalated to a human agent. Overall, businesses can elevate customer experiences massively.

Interactive and Conversational Customer Interactions

With Salesforce Bots, customers do not have to fill a static request/ query form or send an email and wait for 24-48 hours for a reply. The Einstein Bot asks questions dynamically based on the context, customer intent and the replies to create more interactive, engaging and conversational interactions. Additionally, when equipped with rich text and content such as images, diagrams, graphs, etc., Einstein Bots can make the conversation even more engaging and attractive.

Elimination of Drudgery for Customer Service/ Support Executives

By automating routine processes and repetitive, trivial requests in customer services interactions, Einstein Bots eliminate drudgery for customer service agents. It empowers them to better deal with higher-value tasks and sensitive customer-driven issues that require their human skills, intelligence and expertise, and focus on crafting seamless customer experiences.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

When the business grows or there is a sudden inflow of service requests after a major event in the business (such a product launch, change in UI, etc.), businesses can easily handle the scale in a cost-effective manner with Einstein Bots. Einstein Bots are a scalable solution and handle all increases in service requests with the same speed and agility. With this powerful Salesforce Bot, businesses do not have to increase the number of seats in your call centers, which can be cost-prohibitive, to scale up their customer service interactions.

Personalization and Customization at Scale

Personalization and customization are critical components of superior customer experiences. But businesses often find it difficult to achieve these at scale, not without incurring prohibitive costs. Salesforce Bots are capable of analyzing voluminous customer data, determine key insights about the target audience and provide personalized and customized service based on facts, rather than predisposed notions/ false suppositions. For instance, providing promo codes, offers, etc. to a customer based on their previous purchases/ browsing history/ preferences are more effective than giving them generic offers. Equipped with AI, ML and NLP, Salesforce Bots continuously learn and upgrade the way they interact with customers.

Greater Accuracy and Reliability

Einstein Bots are highly accurate in customer service interactions and remove possibilities of human errors in repetitive and routine interactions. They do not have preconceived notions and are not driven by emotion, so arguments or biased interactions can be avoided. They are available 24×7 to handle customer requests and ensure that no interaction with the customer is missed. Additionally, they can be integrated with multiple platforms where customer service interactions take place.


In conclusion, Salesforce Bots are aiding businesses to craft and deliver superior quality, seamless, authentic, and tailored customer experiences. They are enabling businesses in creating more happy and loyal customers, as well as, more productive and efficient customer service agents. Salesforce Bots are empowering businesses to meet customer expectations in an unparalleled manner. Are you looking to transform your customer service interactions with Einstein Bots too? Get in touch with Manras, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, now and start building your very own custom service cloud and Salesforce Bot.

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