Generate and Nurture Your Leads Using Salesforce

nurture leads using salesforce

Generate and Nurture Your Leads Using Salesforce

A successful business is all about making solid customer relationships. And relationships need a lot of attention to grow and strengthen. This improvement in relationships with potential customers can turn them into paying customers. This is called lead nurturing. Both lead generation and nurturing are important aspects of growing any business. 


Salesforce is one of the best solutions to generate and nurture your leads. It offers powerful and easy-to-use tools that allow you to exponentially expand your business. Learn more about Salesforce for lead generation and nurturing. 

How to Generate Leads Using Salesforce?

Acquiring new leads can be tough. In many ways, lead generation and sales are a game of chance. However, your business doesn’t necessarily need to leave it all to luck. As long as you follow proven practices, you can easily score new leads. Skill, especially when applied with a solid strategy, can be a decisive factor in helping you score leads. Salesforce combines both skills and tools to give your business the best chance to score leads. It provides businesses with many tools to bring in new customers and turn them into regular patrons. Here’s an explanation of how.

1. Identification of Leads

There are traditional methods of lead generations like referrals and recommendations, and then there’s the web. While traditional methods do get the job done at the end of the day, web marketing is the optimal strategy. Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you capture important information at the first point of contact from a new lead. It will give you a precise count of marketing emails opened, landing page visits, and white paper downloads. 

Having information after customer interaction can help you create a 1:1 customer journey. This data will give your business insights and help you decide your next action for scoring leads. It will also help your sales team focus on quality leads and automatically nurture them.

2. Lead Source Tracking

Salesforce allows you to track the source of your lead. This is essential for any business as it lets you know which strategies and marketing campaigns are working. It will also give you an idea of how you should change your strategies by implementing the new data. As Salesforce also has a CRM, it integrates well with lead tracking software, thus keeping lead data up to date. Salesforce lead management also helps your marketing and sales team tailor better campaigns to generate leads.

3. Lead Scoring

Salesforce Pardot allows you to give a score to your leads. This is an invaluable feature for generating leads. Scoring a lead helps identify quality leads from causal leads that are less likely to generate sales. It is also important to follow up with these leads. Automating sales activity goes a long way to accomplish this. It ensures that the sales process becomes efficient with automation and that no leads are forgotten or ignored. Through lead scoring, the sales team can effectively increase their conversions. Similarly, automation is pivotal in building integrated marketing campaigns and generating high-quality leads.

How to Nurture Leads Using Salesforce?

Converting identified leads into sales-ready customers is one of the biggest challenges faced by any business. It is not an easy or simple process. To achieve sales through your leads, it is vital to nurture them. Building a close relationship with your customer is one way to do this, as this allows for quick deal closing. Personalization of sessions is also a very successful method, although requiring a bit more thought. Lead nurture with Salesforce is perfect as it offers solutions to nurture and manage leads generated by your marketing team. Some of the ways it helps are:

1. Organize Information

The data from the leads need to be properly handled and organized by a system. This organization of data makes it easier for potential leads to be nurtured. Salesforce provides solutions to organize lead data and make their management easier. It allows you to keep track of your progress with your lead and arrange follow-ups to increase the chances of conversion. 

2. Create a Lead Journey

Just sending your sales pitch to potential leads is hardly going to be enough to convert them. To nurture and turn leads into conversion, your business needs a solid plan. Be in touch with your leads constantly and let them know about your products and brands. Using Salesforce you can plan a lead nurture journey. Through this, you can provide them with constant updates over a period of time. Automating lead nurturing processes also reduce the burden on the sales team and ensures that no lead falls through the cracks. 

3. Segregate Your Leads

Your leads will likely not have the same taste. They may be a mix of demographics which means their communication needs and requirements will be different. Your leads may come from different websites and age groups, but your purpose remains the same. To educate them about your products and services. Using Salesforce you can use the process builder, which lets you design the flow of the lead journey. 


This allows you to incorporate leads of different tastes into your lead nurturing process. Segregate your leads, and based on their categories, enter them into differing paths in the leadership journey. By doing this, they will receive communications at different times as per their preferences.


Successful companies will understand that lead generation and nurturing are long-term processes that come from different sources. And as such will need different strategies to convert them. The most important lesson to remember when it comes to lead generation and nurturing is perseverance. It is important to know that most of your first contacts will not convert into sales. In fact, they will not even be potential leads after several contacts. However, it is important to stay consistent and always follow up. By expanding your current strategies and enhancing current ones, your business will eventually start hitting targets. 

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