3 Ways Salesforce Is Transforming The Hi-Tech Industry

3 Ways Salesforce Is Transforming The Hi-Tech Industry

What exactly does it take to sustain a competitive advantage? While most can think of an answer, their lips would often refuse to cooperate. In other words, although it is evident that poorly integrated systems and subpar customer services spell doom for hi-tech companies, only a few are able to counter these issues. 

Every organization wants to be customer-centric. However, the promise of serving customers comes with several hefty challenges such as:

  • Meeting both B2B and B2C demands.
  • Keeping up with the ever-changing market trends. 
  • Understanding customer demands.
  • Deducing recovery plans.
  • Decoding disjointed and disorganized information.
  • Dealing with inconsistent tracking and access to customer data.

Here lies the importance of a powerful CRM solution. A solution that not only consistently updates you with recent market trends and customer insights, but uses sublime salesforce integration systems to help your teams work together and deliver exceptional customer services. This is where Salesforce comes in. The integrated digital platform is a one-stop solution for all of these challenges and thus, unsurprisingly, is the CRM frontrunner in the hi-tech industry. By ensuring that all your business activities are optimized to reach their utmost potential, we, at Manras Technology, provide several Salesforce services. 

Salesforce Benefits For The Hi-Tech Industry

Salesforce benefits for the hi-tech industry are aplenty, especially considering that the industry-specific customer trends are constantly evolving. Among all of its benefits, ease of use, fast implementation, exceptional customer service, and efficient data management and optimization are a few. Other salient features of Salesforce, which are taking the hi-tech industry by storm, are as follows: 

  1. Building Loyalty and Relationships With Customers

Lack of customer engagement is a primary concern for almost every company in the information technology industry. Salesforce uses its efficient marketing cloud system to address all challenges surrounding customer engagement efficiently. It does so by connecting different data sources and combining them to create a single one for every customer. 

Using a 360-degree customer view, Salesforce helps you keep a close eye on everything from your customer’s first interaction with your company to their activities throughout the sales cycle. Think of it this way- technically, a 360-degree view would allow you to look at everything around you without having any visible blind spots. In a similar way, a 360-degree customer view allows you to identify the intricacies in your customer’s behaviors and patterns throughout their journey with your company. 

The 360-customer view not only enhances the ongoing engagement of the customers but also allows you to predict their future behaviors. Through the information it garners throughout the sales process, it accurately forecasts whether the customers will engage with your products in the future or not. In turn, it helps you predict the future of your business and thereby, determine the strategies you can implement to improve it. In sum, the accuracy of the information that comes from Salesforce is extremely reliable. Due to this, it enables you to make wise, profitable, and far-sighted business decisions. 

  1. Personalized and Automated Marketing

After compiling your customer’s data using the 360-customer view, Salesforce also allows you to create highly personalized marketing strategies and campaigns for them. This information can further be leveraged using tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce AI to evaluate campaigns and strategize future campaigns. 

When perceived from the customer’s end, personalized marketing campaigns put them at the center of the sales process. This not only prompts them to interact with your campaigns but also encourages them to build long-term relationships with your company. 

Not just for your customers, but Salesforce can be used to create a personalized experience for your employees as well. For instance, with Salesforce analytics, you can improve the functionality of your integrated systems and even create highly customizable analytics apps. These personalized developments will help your team adapt to the ever-changing market trends with ease. 

Personalization is a useful tool in itself. However, it is even more so when coupled with automation. Salesforce allows you to automate contract generation, quoting, invoicing, forecasting, and a lot more. This, along with its impeccable user interface and design, saves you and your team a lot of time. In turn, it gives you more time to find better ways to serve your customers. Therefore, it proves to be a win-win for both you and your customers. 

  1. More room for Innovation and Collaboration

Salesforce Community Cloud is a social platform designed specifically to encourage more interactions between customers and partners. In a world where remote-first companies are constantly on the rise and teams are often geographically dispersed, a platform like Salesforce Community Cloud inspires a sense of community by encompassing different types of workplace interactions. Troubleshooting, website environment customization, human resource management, easy file sharing, help desk communication; you name it, it has it. 

In addition, it also includes partner communities through which your partners can gain access to certain parts of your platform and use it to collaborate with your employees or retrieve required tools. Moreover, it is also jam-packed with other tools that help you make the most out of your partnership with Salesforce. 

Community Cloud also employs Salesforce Chatter, which lets users share screens, chat, and exchange data in real-time. Cultivating an ideal environment for innovation and collaboration, it allows users to share the ongoing trends in the market and have discussions surrounding them. This collaborative effort creates more room for constructive feedback and, as a result, leads to better idea generation and implementation. 

Final Word

With several tools at your disposal, you’re bound to please your customers and easily gain an edge over your competitors. So, waste no time and begin your Salesforce journey today. Become a part of the transforming hi-tech industry and subsequently watch your customer insights and sales consistently grow. If you are struggling to figure out where to start or looking forward to further optimizing your Salesforce experience, get in touch with our team right away and gain access to the wide range of Salesforce services we provide

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