Why Should Insurance Companies Consider Salesforce?

Why Should Insurance Companies Consider Salesforce?

The insurance sector has been affected by the digital takeover of technology. Despite the setbacks of the covid-19 pandemic, this sector is expected to keep growing even in the tumultuous years ahead. The global insurance market will reach around 6.4 trillion US dollars by 2025.

In such an exciting and emerging time for the industry, relying on older business models and not embracing rising technology could spell financial troubles for insurance agencies. 

Insurance companies can utilize the latest technological products such as Salesforce CRM to improve their business models, which will result in better revenue or a leading advantage without transforming the company’s business structure.

But why should insurance companies consider the Salesforce CRM? Let’s have a look at the challenges faced by insurance companies and how Salesforce can help. 

Problems Faced by Insurance Companies

There are several challenges the insurance industry faces, such as a drop in sales, poor consumer and data management due to:

  • Poor management at the company level 
  • Failure to build trustworthy consumer relations 
  • Inability to use the company’s large database efficiently

How Can Salesforce Help?

Customers are the beating heart of any insurance agency, and to ensure that they get the services they need, CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is crucial. Salesforce is the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology globally. It efficiently serves small, medium, and corporate insurance agencies with cloud-based marketing, servicing, and CRM solutions.

Salesforce is essential for insurance companies as the CRM software provides them with several benefits enlisted below. 
1. Increase Customer Perks and Loyalty 

The best strategy to acquire customer loyalty for any insurance agency is to provide outstanding customer service, and the Salesforce CRM software can help in prioritizing clients’ needs. The Salesforce insurance CRM platform may help insurance companies with recordkeeping, customer service, accessibility, guided communication techniques, and various other tasks. 

Without it, the insurance company may not be able to fulfill its primary goal of providing tailored solutions to its clients, performing consistently, or processing claims efficiently. With better customer service, customer loyalty will also increase. 

A cloud-powered system can be linked with multiple functions such as sales, branding, etc., that enable the employees and customers to communicate regardless of their position, making way for a far more interactive platform.

2. Efficient Data Management

Insurance agencies have to deal with copious amounts of data. When disorganized and mismanaged, this data can prove to be a nightmare for insurance companies. Salesforce CRM can assist insurance companies in managing and organizing their data, internal or external, effectively. 

Salesforce CRM automatically segregates customers’ details, history, sales reports, and other necessary data in a structured manner. All authorized employees can access the data remotely at their own convenience. This can also help in creating customer profiles using the Salesforce CRM.

3. Understand Sales Better

Insurance companies may use Salesforce CRM to interpret insurance revenue figures and forecast their business model. As a result, companies will better understand the needs of their consumers. To improve their sales forecasting, they can also keep track of individual clients’ perceptions, profile details, and behavior. 

4. Build a Better Relationship with Customers

The Salesforce CRM will enable insurance companies to have better knowledge and understanding of their current and future consumers. 

An insurance agency can improve client engagement by utilizing CRM programming’s extensive network options. This enables organizations to communicate with customers via a variety of media. 

They’ll also be capable of managing and settling claims swiftly. This increases a customer’s perception of the agency, allowing them to have greater faith in it, instilling loyalty, and creating a stronger relationship with the company.

5. Increase Business Efficiency

An insurance agency will be more prone to losing clients and money if it requires longer to draft a quotation, process a claim, or raise a coverage limit and other such important tasks. 

Salesforce CRM can easily improve the productivity of your insurance firm for potential development by unifying all your operational tasks. It can prioritize work, allocate projects to individual employees, monitor progress and achievement, and help cut down on time invested in routine activities.


Insurance firms can use the Salesforce CRM software to enhance their consumer experience. With the insurance market growing more competitive, Salesforce CRM for the insurance industry may help businesses distinguish themselves. 

If you’re planning to adapt the Salesforce CRM technology in your insurance business, then Manras can help to take your insurance business to the next level. Manras’ robust and revolutionizing services can help your agency stand out in a sea of branded names offering similar services.

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