A holistic platform that makes sharing Salesforce records hassle-free and speedy without arduous coding or costly processes.

We empower YOU to

Break Silos

Connect disparate elements and promote collaboration in the organization through seamless sharing of records to individual users, groups or roles.

Share without Coding

With ShareIT-O, you can share records without time-taking coding. We take care of that in the backend so that sharing records is easy and straightforward for you.

Uphold Security

You hold the power to share records with concerned persons. By setting customized privileges – restriction on searches, access to confidential records, etc. you can ensure the highest levels of data security.

Field-Based Sharing: Seamlessly share the right fields and data to the right persons for efficient operations.

Your Salesforce Org contains massive volumes of data and insights, parts of which may need to be shared with certain individuals, groups or roles. Even with a wonderful feature like criteria-based sharing rules, everyone you share with gets access to all records, compromising security. And to customize who gets access to what, many lines of coding is to be done. But not with ShareIT-O’s field-based sharing.

Field-Based Sharing in 4 Simple Steps with ShareIT-O:

Sharing without Coding

Voila! You have shared the necessary insights with no compromises on security or confidentiality. Zero coding required.

Relationship-based Sharing: Efficiently and easily share relevant insights from related lists with custom security settings to the right people.

You may often need to share objects, data and other relevant insights from a related list to individual users/ groups/ roles to effectively carry out their functions. These are often complicated requirements and affect your data confidentiality and security as some users/ groups may receive excessive privilege. With ShareIT-O’s Relationship-based Sharing, you can simplify even the most complicated requirements and without any coding.
ShareIT-O Tool

Just 4 Simple Steps:

Voila! You have shared the necessary insights with no compromises on security or confidentiality. Zero coding required.

Inheritance-Based Sharing: Effortlessly Share/ Inherit Sharing in Lookup Relationships, just like Master-Detail Relationships.

Sharing inheritance is essential for access accuracy and for a more connected working of different stakeholders. Master-Detail Relationships enable you to set the Sharing Settings to allow child records to inherit visibility from the parent which Lookup Relationships don’t. So, when a child record is associated with an Account in Lookup Relationship, you need to rely on the complex and expensive Apex Managed Sharing. ShareIT-O is here with Inheritance-Based Sharing to alleviate the complexities in sharing Lookup objects.

With just these 2 simple steps:

Sharing without Coding in Salesforce

Voila! Your Sharing Settings will be inherited from parent to child for Lookup Relationships as well. Zero coding required.

Promote efficiency and better conversions/KPIs by equipping different stakeholders with the right insights at the right time with ShareIT-O.

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