System Integration & Data Management

System Integration & Data Management

We offer comprehensive integration services to facilitate uninterrupted flow of information from cloud to cloud and from earlier platforms to Cloud.

Salesforce as a CRM promises to improve the performance and deliver a competitive takeaway.

We at Manras, create a strategic plan for integration of Salesforce into an existing platform.



Experience the top 7 Integrations, Manras claims expertise in!

1. Consolidating Salesforce Instances

We can help you decide on which approach to choose for maintaining your salesforce instance:

  • Building single Salesforce instance, or
  • separating Salesforce instance into a single unit or
  • keeping Salesforce instance


2. Custom application Integration

Standard integrations are not effective for all business processes. Therefore, we help you leverage Cloud capabilities to capture information from data and build processes that drive customer engagement and productivity.



3. Integrate Cloud, mobile and social technology

Our teams work towards making your end users more productive and customers more connected.

With Social technology, you can manage your business with a key press.


We help business track:

  • deliveries,
  • get access to supply chain and inventory,
  • track patent submissions, manage help desk tickets,
  • boost employee engagement
  • make shopping a personal experience and
  • deliver a new level of personalized patient care

4. Salesforce to SAP, Oracle ERP, EC2 etc.

We can help implement real time integration with existing systems that can make data management very simple and can reduce the burden of infrastructure management.


We build customer-centric applications. These integrations allow manipulation of data from the Salesforce thereby providing complete control to the user.

Let’s simplify the technological footprint of your enterprise. Connect with us to know more!


5. AppExchange products

We have already implemented solutions that have been published on AppExchange. The solutions and components present on AppExchange are customizable. These apps, other than being re-usable, low cost as compared to development cost, are being used to generate business opportunities.


6. Payment gateway Integration

We enable businesses to collect revenue faster by integrating payments with Salesforce. This integration allows small to large scale organizations enter card details and capture the revenue instantly. The platform is more transparent, offers more security and flexibility.


7. Security infrastructure

Salesforce security makes it a most dependable solution in the market.

We help enable event monitoring, authentication and encryption for CRM implementation for your business processes.

We also activate health checks to identify any weak security links in network configuration