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We offer comprehensive training programs, standard courses as well as customized training options.

  • Increased Productivity with better understanding

Our team has vast experience from many project implementations and have found that understanding technology within an organization is very important. Therefore, we have added training as a service in our portfolio to emphasize the importance of an efficient team.

  • User Adoption increases

We offer online, onsite as well as on the job training that is customized as per your requirements.

This implies that your team need not have complete understanding of all Salesforce components and modules. However, the users are trained in the components that are actually used in your organization.

ONLINE training comprises of our experts presenting the content to your team over WebEx or any other collaboration medium.

Onsite training is where our experts would physically visit your company and train the users.

On the job training is when your team works with our team and learn about the components while actual implementation is in progress.

You Control What You Learn!

We can design training based on different roles such as End User training and System Admin training.

In End user training, we emphasize on using a CRM in an enterprise, best practices and discipline that comes along. We hold a lot of discussions to answer questions on its benefits and usage. This is typically provided to all sales and general users.

System Admin training is provided to team who would actually be working on Salesforce implementation and support.

Some of the training modules on Salesforce specifics as imparted by our technical experts are mentioned below:

  • Sales
  • Reports
  • Marketing
  • Performance Management

Let the Knowledge build and stay in your organization!

We highly recommend On the job training, as this gives the implementing team a taste of all validation checks required at the beginning, configuration changes and data migration activities.

Contact us to know more about our training courses and On the job training details.