4 ways in which you could validate your business integration across other enterprise applications

Our Team at Manras provides testing services that span across various components and modules of Salesforce.

Components Modules
Configuration Accounts
Integration Leads
Customization Marketing
AppExchange Contacts
Cloud Reports


  • Your readiness for Cloud

We can work with your team to analyze whether Salesforce as a CRM would reap benefits by conducting a cloud readiness assessment. This assessment takes in consideration a complete enterprise portfolio.

  • Your Data is our responsibility

While working on data migration for your enterprise, we ensure data consistency and mapping of all integration sources.

  • Compliance to Regulations

We also check and ensure that the implementation is compliant with all industry regulations. Our team also helps during user acceptance testing and support.

Our fourth-generation platform is capable of delivering:

  • Automated business discovery
  • Documentation
  • Compliance
  • Testing
  • Risk analysis, and
  • RPA
  • Apps on Cloud

Application present on Cloud are prone to cause more impact to business since they are updated quite often. We can help you mitigate this risk and ensure business continuity.

We ensure your Salesforce business processes work seamlessly regardless of changes in the processes by handling the reconstruction and conversion that comes with cloud apps.

Our team at Manras offers comprehensive Salesforce CRM testing services which range from:

  • Functional testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Deployment testing
  • Automated testing and
  • Security Testing

Our team constantly keeps a tab on the quality that we deliver irrespective of the business process that lead to integration of Salesforce into your enterprise workflow.

Whether it is to manage leads and territories, keep a check on opportunities or maintain client’s information, using test automation enables an organization to validate critical processes and makes sure that these are executed with the best possible quality.

Reliable quality assurance for all the processes means companies get an opportunity to accelerate their project lifecycle, improve efficiency, and prevent any upcoming business disruptions.

Need a Tool or a Team to perform validation of your Salesforce implementation and Integration?

Contact us to know more about On-Demand, Incident based, and dedicated tools for validation and testing.